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Groom asks bro to cover 'gross' tattoo for wedding. Bro says 'no way,' and backs out.

Groom asks bro to cover 'gross' tattoo for wedding. Bro says 'no way,' and backs out.


When this groom is annoyed with his brother, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for asking my brother to cover his gross tattoo for my wedding?'

My brothers look is pretty wild. He always has a new hairstyle (mullet, buzzed, Mohawk), bright hair colours, facial piercings and he’s covered in tattoos. It’s his body so none of this bothers me normally. However, my wedding is coming up, we’re having a beach wedding and he’s a groomsman. I literally do not care what hairstyle he has or that his piercings and tattoos will be visible.

My only request is that he covers one specific tattoo. When he was in college, my brother drunkenly got a v*gina tattooed on his chest. As it’s a beach wedding, the groomsmen will be wearing slightly open button down shirts and the tattoo will be visible. I asked if he’d be willing to cover for my wedding and he got immediately offended saying it’s his body, his choice.

He’s now refusing to attend the wedding if he has to cover it. I get it’s his body but I really don’t want my guests to have to stare at a v*gina during my wedding and I don’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see a vagina. While my family is used to it, my fiancés family would probably be taken aback if not offended by it. He called me a bridezilla and unreasonable. AITA ?

Let's find out.

brai writes:

NTA 'hey bro seeing as it's my big day and I've waited for this moment forever and spent thousands of dollars and it's a celebration of my love for my partner can you put away the huge gaping v*gina on your chest for a few hours?'

'OH. MY. GOSH, that's so controlling, literally bridezilla how f*ing dare you ask me politely not to flash the graphic image of my giant chest pussy at an event celebrating you and your partner that you spent thousands on and have been waiting forever for which children will possibly be present at.' Sounds to me like him uninviting himself is a blessing if he behaves like that.

stacots writes:

NTA. He can try not to be the center of attention for a few hours. It's just for pictures and shit. No one will be paying attention to the rest of the wedding's esthetic/ceremony if there's a big ol vagina front and center. It almost makes the whole thing into a joke.

He should have compromised on it and stated that he'd be getting shirtless later once everyone is sloppy. Otherwise, he's just being annoying. It's not like he was born with a p***y on his chest. Also, calling you bridezilla for this particular reason seems extraordinarily immature.

Looks like OP is NTA. Should he kick bro out of the wedding?

Sources: Reddit
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