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Guest wants to bring own meal to 'strict' vegan dinner party. AITA?

Guest wants to bring own meal to 'strict' vegan dinner party. AITA?


When this dinner guest feels uncomfortable, they ask Reddit:

'WIBTA If I brought my own food to a vegan dinner party?'

So I've been invited to a vegan household for a dinner party. Of the total people going, 6 of 9 aren't vegans. Anytime a meal is hosted elsewhere we have two meals, one vegan and one not, so everyone can enjoy what they like.

Not here though, this is a strictly vegan household. No cooking meat products on the BBQ. No cheese, no eggs, no fish.

I get not wanting to cook meat on their bbq, I have an entire section of my grill sectioned off for vegan/gluten free cooking. I found out what they are making for everyone one. I'm allergic to mushrooms, and they know it, and their main course is a portobello steak, it feels on purpose.

I would feel disrespected as a host if a guest brought their own food to my dinner party, then again I try really hard to make sure everyone has options for them at mine. So WIBTA If I brought a George foreman and some burgers to cook up outside? AITA?

Let's find out.

travelmac8 writes:

YWBTA. If you think they intentionally did this, don’t go or call them out. Either way, I would call them and say you’re allergic to mushrooms and you’ll need an accommodation.

katrinchen writes:

It would cost nothing to ask the host about it/remind them about the allergy. As if you'd always remember all allergies of all your friends. This problem can be solved with one call, not asking would automatically mean YTA.

workingtrouble7 writes:

Im going against the grain to say NTA. They cannot expect you to respect their food choices if they ignore your food allergies. Personally Id sit at the table and whinge like shit at how inconsiderate they are. Then Id tell them not to worry, its ok that they arent good cooks or hosts.

Looks like the jury's out on this one. What is YOUR take on the situation?

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