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Wife wants husband to stop brushing sister's hair, sister says, 'relax, it's harmless.'

Wife wants husband to stop brushing sister's hair, sister says, 'relax, it's harmless.'


When this wife is annoyed with her husband and sister, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA for telling my husband not to brush my sisters hair anymore?'

I (37F) have frizzy Irish hair. It's mostly straight, but the ends curl into each other and get knotted up. I have tried various brands of hair care and brushes.. but I've long accepted that when I brush my hair I'm going to leave a lot on the brush.

My sisters and 2 of my daughters have inherited the same hair. My kids hate getting their hair brushed. I'm not sure when it started, but now after their bath my husband (34M) will sit with them and he manually brushes out their hair with a combination of his fingers and a tangle teaser.

It takes ages, and I don't have the patience for it, but he goes through their hair and untangles the ends. He's very gentle and does it without pulling their hair, so it's become this little ritual on bath night. After it their hair is straight and un knotted and easier to work with, so I asked him to do it to my hair sometimes.

It actually works really well, and I've grown to really like the feeling of it. It's just nice and and gentle, and after it my hair just feels a lot freer, so it just became part of our family routine.

My sister (34, lets say Jess) was staying for a week and saw this. She had been asking me what I was using in my hair for a while, and she asked me if she could try it. She did and also found it worked out. I asked my husband later how it was and he just kind of shrugged it off. Said it was a bit weird doing someone else's hair..

A few weeks later and she had a work night out and asked if he could do it again. Then after that a date. Then a wedding. I know she can't regularly afford a salon, but at this stage she's just coming over and barely even asking.

Some of my family were talking about it at Christmas(i wasnt in the room). My other sister (Kate,38) thinks it's weird to basically get a scalp massage from her BIL, but Jess told her it was an 'amazing intimate brushing', and that Kate should start coming too.

Kate laughed at her and pulled her up on the word intimate and it's kind of become a running joke. There was even talk that my husband has 'magic fingers.' Also, Jess said it was 'harmless.'

.... I'd just like this to stop. I don't really need Jess pimping out my husbands time and fingers, and iI know money is tight for her to get a professional to do it, but at this stage I'd just like my Saturday nights back and the little jokes to end. WIBTA for putting a stop to this whole thing?

Let's find out.

wildferalfun writes:

NTA. Your sister made it weird and I wouldn't tolerate it. Also. Sounds like you all need some Curly Girl Method to help discover the natural pattern of your hair. I bet it wants to be curly 🤣

singingpiano writes:

NTA … and woah what a weird situation. Your husband has to feel uncomfortable at this point to. Also the fact that she used the word intimate is sus. I would absolutely put a stop to that it would make me soooo uncomfortable.

heightenedstates writes:

Yeah, your sis made it super weird. Poor guy. I think this is best as a treat for you and your daughters. He sounds like a very kind man, btw. You’re lucky. Not everyone has the patience to tackle hair brushing in a gentle way for kids.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Does this sister need to be kicked to the curb? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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