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Husband criticizes wife's cleaning ability. Says, 'this is not what my mom did.'

Husband criticizes wife's cleaning ability. Says, 'this is not what my mom did.'


When this husband is mad at the wife, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for highlighting my wife's inability to clean things properly?'

This has been going on since we moved in together and it remains unresolved. The most recent thing is that I asked her to wipe down the kitchen counter and she didn't lift up and clean under the salt and pepper shakers.

Her way of cleaning is just to get it done as fast as possible, rather than actually cleaning things hygienically. We split all rent 50/50 from the joint account we pay the same amount into each month. Sometimes she works less hours as she's freelance, yet on the weeks that she's at home 5 days per week, she won't do any extra cleaning or do a load of washing etc, she will wait until i'm home so we can do it together.

If she goes to clean the bathroom, she just gives it a quick spritz with bleach and a wipe down. My mom always taught me to use half a lemon and scrub the bath panel to get rid of limescale, but my wife is having none of this and will never do any deep cleaning to remove limescale.

I'm at my wit's end. When i saw she hadn't cleaned under the salt and pepper shakers, i showed her the mess underneath. She told me she contributes half to the rent and she's not a housewife, therefore she doesn't need to do cleaning on her days off. AITA here?

Let's find out.

outrageouslycut writes:

YTA. You sound extremely anal retentive about cleaning, so clean yourself or hire a cleaning person. I have literally never heard of that lemon thing, it’s not necessary. And how much mess could their possibly be under the salt and pepper shakers? A couple grains of salt?

laura676 writes:

Oh no! Not under the salt shaker!!!! She won't clean without you because she knows she won't be able to do it 'right'. And scrubbing with a lemon isn't a thing. You either get the help you get ot you do it yourself. You'll have to decide which option you prefer. YTA.

proudword89 writes:

NTA. This is a really sexist response you’re getting today, because if you reposted with genders reversed everyone would quite rightly point out the weaponised incompetence. For the counter at least, the half lemon mothers trick might be a stretch. Get a cleaner would be my advice.

So, is OP being a total AH? Or can his wife do better? Thoughts?

Sources: Reddit
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