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Man lets BIL who 'lived in Peru once' learn the hard way about his pet llamas. AITA?

Man lets BIL who 'lived in Peru once' learn the hard way about his pet llamas. AITA?


When this man is annoyed with his BIL, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for letting my brother-in-law who 'lived in Peru' learn the hard way about my llamas?'

My brother-in-law spent a summer in Peru with his parents when he was a teen. I don't know why but this has become his personality. I had a fun cocktail party at my apartment when I lived in the city.

My sister brought him as they had just begun dating. He spent most of the time complaining that my Pisco Sours weren't very authentic and he has much better ones in Peru.

We went out a couple of years later and ate at a little restaurant downtown that had tasty ceviche. Nope it was done all wrong. You get the idea.

Well we all grew up and I married a guy who owns a small bit of land outside my hometown. We have a bit of an animal rescue and I love it. There is only one pube in the pie. Larry and Darnell.

Llamas. They are ill tempered AHs. I still love them but I have grown to understand their moods. They don't have BLS but it seems close sometimes. But the worst thing is that they spit. A lot. And accurately.

My sister's family is spending two weeks with us this summer to get the kids out of the city and so the cousins can all spend time together. I gave everyone the same warning. Keep away from the llamas they aren't friendly. My brother-in-law knew better because he had lived in Peru and used them as pack animals.

Well he is currently in the bathroom washing out his mouth for the last fifteen minutes. He went right over to the llamas to show his kids they weren't dangerous. And he got a double barrel of llama phlegm right in his mouth and his eye.

He called me an AH for not telling him that my llamas spit. ALL LLAMAS SPIT. Anyone who lived in Peru and used them as pack beasts would know this.

I found out from my sister just now is that he went to a touristy golf course that has llamas as carriers for the golf clubs. He didn't even go on a long hike with them. WOW. AITA for not being more explicit in my warning?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

whomitconcern writes:

NTA. Your BIL sounds insufferable. If he is using a summer vacation from childhood as the basis of his personality then he has no personality. He asks like a know-it-all brat. What happened to him is hilarious and absolutely not your fault. I feel bad for his spouse and kids. He sounds like an immature college kid not an adult with a family.

eloisefun writes:

NTA LOL, I read the your title and it reminded me of a neighborhood feud I read about. The case of the gobbing llamas. The neighbors wanted the llama owner to move their fence or build a pen for the llamas because they kept gobbing in their backyard and they couldn't use their patio or yard because of the projectiles from the llamas.

Looks like OP is NTA and BIL had it coming!

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