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Man tells wife, 'you're not a cowgirl, and your dad's not a cowboy.' She is devastated.

Man tells wife, 'you're not a cowgirl, and your dad's not a cowboy.' She is devastated.


When this man feels guilty for the situation he put his wife in, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for creating a situation where my father-in-law called my wife dumb?'

My wife likes to pretend she is a cowgirl. Her dad grew up doing rodeo but by the time he got married and had her and her sister he lived in the city. He still participated in rodeo for fun and his parents had a farm where he kept his horses. He would go out there with her family and work the horses and stuff.

She loves horses but she messed up her knees pretty bad when she was young so so she didn't spend a lot of time in the saddle. We were watching a movie about rodeo and she mentioned how she used to love watching her dad compete. I have seen her dad's collection of belt buckles from when he was young. By the time I met him he was a school principal. I have never seen him on a horse in real life.

She mentioned that he did all the events we were seeing in the movie. Okay. That's kind of weird. I grew up around people who compete. They usually stick to their one or two events. I don't know any bull riders who also do team roping for example. I'm sure they exist I just personally don't know them. I am not going to argue with her about her father. If she wants to say he competed in every event it's not worth arguing over.

Unfortunately I'm stupid. I said you mean he did everything except barrel racing right? Nope he was awesome at that too. I told her that barrel racing is not something men do at a rodeo. It's a ladies event. She started getting upset with me for doubting that her father was the best male barrel racer she had ever seen. I probably should have shut up. I doubled down and showed her a few websites for professional rodeo. She got really upset with me for taking the information on the internet as accurate when she knows what she saw. I just finally agreed with her.

She ended up calling her dad to ask him about it. She put him on speakerphone. He said that he completed in three events but barrel racing wasn't one of them since that was for ladies. She said that she remembered him doing it. He said him and his friends might have played around at it for fun but it was not an event for men.

She kept insisting that she had seen him compete. He eventually told her to go look online. She said that I had already shown her. Then he said if she was too dumb to know how to understand the internet had the information he should get a refund on her education.

He may not be a cowboy but he still kind of talks like one. Now I'm in trouble for her conversation with her dad. She said that if I had just accepted what she said her dad would not have belittled her. I did not make her call her dad and ask a dumb question. But apparently I'm the asshole for not believing her. AITA?

Let's find out.

pettywhite8 writes:

I get exhausted even thinking about having a marriage like this. NTA OP? She was wrong, and that wasn’t your fault. Although, is it worth arguing about something so silly? I tell my kids not to be a know it all. If someone says something with an immaterial mistake, or a mistake that literally matters to no one, it’s probably best to let it go. I’m so tired, for everyone involved in this long and pointless argument and tale.

sigsowerpower writes:

NTA. How could you possibly be an ah for HER choosing to call her dad and insist on something that never happened? As soon as you showed her the info online, she should have accepted she was wrong and moved on. Instead, she chose to make a call (on speaker phone) and argue with her father about what HE did. None of this would have happened if she had just accepted that she was wrong.

bargerin writes:

NAH. Wife has an innocent case of false memory and got that busted and her feelings bruised. She'll heal. It's not your fault.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU make of this bizarre situation?

Sources: Reddit
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