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Man won't get pregnant wife a Mother's Day present. Says, 'I have good reason.'

Man won't get pregnant wife a Mother's Day present. Says, 'I have good reason.'


When this husband is annoyed with his wife, he asks Reddit:

'WIBTA if I didn't get my pregnant wife a Mother's Day present?'

My wife mentioned today that she wanted a Mother's Day present this year, even though our baby isn't due for almost a month later. I told her that I was absolutely not going to get her a Mother's Day present until next year, when we actually have a baby. Now I am getting all kinds of flak from my wife, and she's declared that if I don't get her a Mother's Day present this year then she won't get me a Father's Day present until next year.

I think it's absurd to expect a present for a holiday that you don't qualify for. Where do you draw the line?! Would you expect a Mother's Day gift if you were in a childless relationship but had pets? If people want to unexpectedly gift others for holidays they don't technically fit in that's fine, but to expect it seems unreasonable. WIBTA if I refused to get her a gift this year? At this point it's just the principal of it. AITA?

Let's find out.

neelsilverleaf writes:

YTA. She's going to be heavily pregnant and probably really, REALLY ready to not be pregnant anymore and in need of some appreciation at that point. Getting all sneeringly pedantic about her being 'not actually a mother' is just a complete jackass move when you could be an actual good husband and decent human being and treat her a little.

okayish writes:

YTA. Don’t pick this hill to die on. Your wife, who is currently growing a whole human inside of her body, asked her husband for a gift to recognize her first Mother’s Day. Whether the baby is inside or outside of her body is irrelevant. It’s her first Mother’s Day to her. That’s all that matters. This is a little thing you can do to make your wife feel loved. Just. Do. It.

mchemist writes:

YTA: I was due a few weeks after Mother’s Day and you know what my husband did withoutprompting from me? He gifted me a Mother’s Day present. For the record, I was actually induced the next day. So baby came much earlier than we had planned. Get your pregnant wife a small token. She’s been carrying your baby for many months now. She is a mother. The baby is very real to her already.

Looks like this hubby is THE WORST. Any advice for him?

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