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Man refuses to wear wedding ring, says, 'it's not my fault women flirt.' AITA?

Man refuses to wear wedding ring, says, 'it's not my fault women flirt.' AITA?


When this man is is feeling weird about his wedding ring, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying just because I don’t wear my wedding ring doesn’t mean I am trying to hook up?'

Forgive me if I spell something wrong, my buddy said to post my story here due to all the backlash I am getting from a job. I (41m) have 2 jobs, 1 is a full time blue collar job, where I work with cement a lot just for some background.

And the other is a small firm another buddy of mines owns as a part time accounting associate. So at this accounting firm, everyone else knows I am married and has been married for 17 years with 2 kids (14m) and (12F).

They hired a new full time accountant let’s call her River. To me she has been a crowd pleaser, due to most of work being virtual, we had a much more lax dress code.

For context for my primary job I work 4 10 hour shifts a week and normally Monday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday I work at my buddies firm, basically do reconciliations on a accrual basis. I normally don’t wear my ring, because sometimes I have to go help on a project and have lost many rings in cement without realizing it.

So I normal don’t wear it when I am working because everyone already knows that I am a married man. The only thing I talking about is my family, construction and accounting. Some of the guys at the office were talking about River how she has been dump by her boyfriend and is looking for a new man. Me being the kind person I am said, I hope she finds a man who would make her happy. Somehow she what I said got to her and she thought that I was hitting on her.

She came up to me and tried to tell me a sob story about her man was insecure about her having an Onlyfans. I said that is definitely a deal breaker for most. So I guess she thought I was saying I am an exception so she asked do you want to record some content later and I politely said no I am married.

She said why don’t you have a ring on then. I said I don’t wear a ring because they normal get lost in cement. She said you must want to appear single if you don’t wear your ring here. I said just because a don’t where a ring doesn’t mean I want to hook up with some hooker.

She screamed and called me a misogynistic pig and said she will get me fire. I laughed and said you selling you body for money, back in my day, they had a name for those, they are hookers. So I ask am I the AH here.

Let's find out.

mopbest8 writes:

You were N T A for the entire post until those last few sentences. Big for your response to her. It was unnecessary and cruel. I bet it made you feel really big though to belittle someone… I missed the part where she asked him to make content.

Though she just asked him out That’s straight se**ul harassment so the harsh response was warranted Switching to NTA.

darkyoda89 writes:

NTA. While you were kind of the AH for insulting her, she was asking for it by doing it first. It's weird what people will and won't give a pass for on this sub. There have been so many examples of people retaliating (even body shaming) and people seem to be fine with it. I don't know why the consensus is to draw the line on this insult.

username writes:

NTA. Also she is admittedly a seggs worker who was propositioning to you. What does it makes her? The only criticism people can make to you is the wording, but she was the one who started by sexually harassing you at work. You should take the initiative and tell your boss before she tries to control the narrative.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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