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Man tricks GF into eating shrimp as a prank. AITA? GF says yes.

Man tricks GF into eating shrimp as a prank. AITA? GF says yes.


When this BF plays a prank on his GF, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not telling my girlfriend her food had shrimp in it?'

My (23M) girlfriend (19F) is a picky eater. She doesn't like fish or pork. On Saturday we went out to eat in Chinatown with my friend and his girlfriend. For an appetizer we ordered spring rolls. My gf asked if they had shrimp in them and we said no. This was a lie but she wouldn't know the difference when she ate them.

When the spring rolls came out, the three of us smiled at each other and watched my gf happily eat them. I couldn't believe she had no idea there was shrimp in the spring rolls. It was minced but still. Anyway it was pretty funny. At the end of the meal we told her the spring rolls had shrimp in them.

She got upset at me and now I am the bad guy even though my friend was in on it too. She is saying that's not cool to mislead her like that and trick her into eating something she doesn't want to eat. But she makes no sense- she ATE the spring rolls so obviously she likes shrimp. AITA or is she being too sensitive and needs to grow up?

Let's find out.

duzins8 writes:

Agree. Just because she enjoyed the taste, doesn’t mean she wanted to eat shrimp. Some people are iffy about eating bottom feeders. I am personally icky about eating skin (like chicken skin) or liver (it’s a filter!) even though, yes, I’ve tasted them both and I admit they are quite tasty. I can’t get past the idea. To trick someone into eating something is very rude and breaks trust. YTA.

perturbedhamster writes:

People have gotten in legal trouble for things like putting laxatives in their own lunch when there's a lunch thief in the office. You don't f*** with people's food. Ever. Even if they actually really do like shrimp. YTA.

karaauden writes:

YTA. Don’t lie to people about what’s in their food. Also, you all grinning at each other as she ate it was some weird group power trip. You’re bullies, and I hope she gets out.

Looks like OP is definitely TA. Should OP's GF break up with him?

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