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Man scolds ex-wife; 'when you flaunt your wealth my new family feels jealous.' AITA?

Man scolds ex-wife; 'when you flaunt your wealth my new family feels jealous.' AITA?


When this man is angry at his ex-wife he asks Reddit:

"AITA for asking my ex-wife to stop making my kids jealous and flaunting?"

So I’ve (m38) been divorced from my ex wife (f35) for 10 years. And we have two kids together (m12 and m10).

I remarried a year late while she’s still single. I have 3 further kids (f9, f7 f3). I have my sons over every weekend. About 4 years, my ex wife opened up a online business and she’s been making 6 figures. While my wife is a stay at home mom and I make 30k to support our family.

So you can imagine how this difference has effected our 2 households. They live in a gated community, she drives a 2022 rsq3. And she and our sons go on 2 extravagant holidays a year.

My sons came over this weekend and starting tell me and the girls they’re going on a Disney concierge cruise in the summer. My daughters started crying saying daddy we wanna go, and when I looked online for the prices they’re priced at $5k per person.

It’s been all they’ve talking about non-stop. I feel like their wealth is being shoved down our throats, when we can barely afford heating this Christmas. It’s hard not to be hateful but I sent her a long text saying stop trying to make us feel less than. I also told my sons in private pls don’t mention holidays or gifts around the girls.

She replied with saying it’s not her problem how we feel, and when she does nice things for the boys. Me and my wife are the last people on her mind? am I reading into this too much? Or am I the a**hole for saying she’s spiteful?

Let's find out.

motorbusiness98 writes:

YTA. She is doing NOTHING wrong. 'Me and my wife are the last people on her mind?'.. Of course you are. What else would you expect? She is good to her kids. Good parenting. YOU are no concern to her, except that you are a parent to her kids. 'Or am I the a**%ole for saying she’s spiteful?' .. YES, you are.

glitteringcherry909 writes:

Holy mother of projection, Batman. Your ex wife is doing well for herself and wants to treat her children well, and you aren't part of the equation here. Stop being spiteful yourself and be better for your kids. YTA.

boudicatheartist writes:

OP, YTA. You chose to have 5 children. Your ex wife works hard and can afford nice holidays. Children talking excitedly about an upcoming holiday is not constantly shoving their wealth down your throat. They’re children and they’re exited.

Not sure how you’re supporting a wife and children on your salary. You say you can barely afford heating. So you have some choices: get a better paying job, or your wife could get a job. Grow up.

Well, looks like OP is a major AH. Way to go dude. How can he repair this situation? Any advice for this dad?

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