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Mom asks if she's wrong to make DIY do not disturb pumping sign at office.

Mom asks if she's wrong to make DIY do not disturb pumping sign at office.


When this mom is frustrated at the office, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for outright mentioning pumping in my do not disturb sign?'

Throwaway and I'm typing this on my phone while pumping, so please excuse any typos.I'm a nursing mom and I am fortunate to have my own office. Initially, when I returned to work, I would just close my door and put up a sign asking people to please return in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I'd still have people banging on the door every few minutes or trying to talk to me through the door, or even jiggling the handle, asking if I could 'just' whatever...

My word that I need 15 undisturbed minutes wasn't enough and it made my pumping sessions really stressful (and anyone who's ever pumped knows stress can really mess up the pumping and make it less efficient.) So I amended the sign to say 'Pumping--please return in 15 minutes'. That cut down on the disturbances but apparently now a couple of coworkers have complained that it's tmi and making them uncomfortable. AITA for outright announcing when I'm pumping?

FYI I live in a place where nursing rights are protected. I nurse the baby in public all the time and have never yet been hassled about it. My work also has a dedicated pumping room, as legally required for a workplace of our size, however since I have a private office, I use that both for convenience and so as not to take space that others need when I don't have to. AITA

Let's find out.

wintergreen writes:

I am one of three mothers pumping at my office- two of the ladies put signs up on their door that simply say “pumping” or “pumping please knock” which I think is very polite of them- I just close my door. Our office doors don’t lock- and we haven’t had any issues. My HR lady did say “oh, I just shouldn’t barge in then?” To which I replied “not unless you want to possibly get a peek at my boobs”. Everyone has always knocked for the closed door and waited for a response. IDK what’s wrong with the people OP works with- but a lack of manners seems to be at the top of the list.

edliv writes:

NTA. You tried putting up a 'normal' do not disturb sign, and people kept ignoring it. Your new sign is much more effective.

waivareth writes:

Seriously - how difficult is it to have basic manners? Over the years, we've had several pumping moms in the office. Some opted to pump in their own offices and just close the doors. Others opted to use the rooms designated for pumping. Either way, there was NEVER an issue because others were polite and respectful.

Looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for her?

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