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Mom tells daughter not to eat 'gross food'; daughter accuses mom of being 'wasteful.'

Mom tells daughter not to eat 'gross food'; daughter accuses mom of being 'wasteful.'


When this mom argues with her family about what 'wasting food' means, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for 'forcing my daughter to waste food?'

This is stupid but the daughter in question told me to post here to prove her right. So I guess we'll see who's side internet strangers are on. I'll keep this short. My family had steak tonight for dinner. There was a large piece of pure fat on one of the steaks which I cut off to throw away. My daughter (16) told me not to throw it out and that she wanted to eat it.

I cut her off a small slice from the fat and gave it to her, but she insisted I give her the whole thing. It was a huge piece of fat, which would be super unhealthy to eat. I told her no, she didn't need a slice of fat half the size of her entire steak, and said that would be ridiculous.

She got upset that I 'forced her to waste food she wanted.' I see part of my responsibility as a parent to keep my children at least relatively healthy and not feed them pure beef fat just cause they want it.

It was on my plate I didn't take it from hers. My daughter is overweight. I didn't want to originally put this in the post but commenters keep telling me to so I will. She is gaining weight and has been, her diet isn't healthy because she buys herself snacks and fast food often with her own money. AITA for throwing it away?

Let's find out.

paranoiafreedom writes:

NAH but only because it seems like your daughter had good intentions about not wanting to waste food, otherwise I'd say NTA. She's still a kid which means you're allowed to veto some of her food choices. It'd be irresponsible if you let her eat whatever she wants all the time without caring about her health.

dogbutwhisperer writes:

My dogs get the fat, I suggest you get her a dog to share with and she can get active walking it. That said, NTA. This isn’t about steak. You have a right to be concerned and she sees you as restricting her. Does she have a therapist? If not I suggest you book one ASAP.

This sounds like compulsive eating and she needs help so it doesn’t spiral. Does she use food to cope with stress? What hobbies or activities can she replace food with? Your job as a parent is to guide her and not shame her.

helsbsb writes:

NTA... That was a thick stripe if pure fat. I mean, it wasn't rotten or anything BUT you sure as hell don't eat an ENTIRE stripe if fat. That's just... No. In sense of healthy dieting and nutrients, this is absolutely not wasting food. It's just not right for humans. Even my dog would only get a small bite from something so fatty.

Is OP definitely NTA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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