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Mom humiliates son publicly when she casually makes fun of his 'orientation.'

Mom humiliates son publicly when she casually makes fun of his 'orientation.'


When this mom is questioning her own behavior, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for embarrassing my son in front of his friends and cancelling his birthday party?'

My son (16 turning 17) had friends over going over the plan for his birthday, I rented rooms at resort for skiing and snowboarding for a 3 day weekend. They started talking about all sorts of things though, and eventually the topic of my son's sexuality came up.

My son is bisexual and has dated both girls and boys, he's currently dating a boy. Neither me or our family have an issue with this.

They're asking him when he realized he was bisexual, when did he come out, when did he first date a guy, what were the differences between guys and girls etc.

Eventually they ask him what's his preference, he says “naturally, I don't have a preference. I'm attracted to guys and girls the same, but after dating girls and guys, I can say women aren't worth the trouble.”

That last part caught my attention and I asked him to explain what he meant. I told him if women aren't worth the trouble, then neither am I so I wouldn't be doing anything for his birthday. He just started at me so I said “that's what happens when you're a sexist jerk” in front of his friends.

He hasn't spoken to me and members of our family are saying I shouldn't have said that and I shouldn't have cancelled his birthday party. AITA?

Let's find out.

stumpykitties writes:

I mean, yeah, YTA and probably made him double down on his beliefs there considering your overly dramatic response to a child saying dumb teenager things. Cancelling his bday party seems like an overly harsh punishment.

ausernamebyanyother writes:

It's absolutely overly harsh for a flippant comment made as a joke. I say this as a staunch feminist, bisexual woman in a relationship with another woman.

Maybe his last girlfriend was hard work and compared to his boyfriend he's making flippant generalisations. Sure, have a convo with the kid and make sure he's not falling into misogynistic patterns.

But cancelling a birthday party over this is absolute overkill and will only make him not trust or want to be around Mom.

felineprincess98 writes:

Yeah OP is the YTA because all she really did was teach her son not to voice things in front of Mom, not why the comment may have been perceived negatively about a whole gender.

Looks like mom/OP messed up. Major AH vibes! What can she do to fix this?

Sources: Reddit
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