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Mom trying to co-parent refuses to pick up slack for ex-husband. He calls her 'lazy.'

Mom trying to co-parent refuses to pick up slack for ex-husband. He calls her 'lazy.'


When this mom is annoyed with her ex, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to take care of commitments my ex-husband made to our kids?'

From the title sounds kinda like im the AH right? Yeah it does i agree. Backstory comes in now though. My ex-husband we'll call him Bob (M31) and I (F28) have two kids (M5 and F7) together. Without talking to me or asking my schedule Bob signed our kids up for baseball.

The kids don't want to do baseball in the first place, they do have other sport they like though. Their practices are on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with games on Monday.All of the events are around 7pm start time. The days are tentative because things change.

Now Bob also went and signed himself up for a local softball league. The softball league didn't start until a month or two after the children's baseball so he took the kids to their events. Well when Bobs league started he started saying that I needed to take the kids to the events because he had to go to his. I told him no I am in no way obligated to take them to events HE signed them up for ( that they don't want to do in the first place) just because he wanted to go to his events. He's calling me lazy.

Normally around then im still working and will be for a few more hours and I can't leave. As far as hes concerned im the worst mother ever because i wont leave work to take them for him so that he can do what he wants to instead. Does refusing to take care of his poorly made commitments make me the AH?

Let's find out.

curiouspand writes:

NTA. He wants you to leave work so he can go out and play. He is making his commitments your responsibility.

sarcasticafflict writes:

NTA don’t let your ex gaslight, guilt, and bully you into commitments HE made, that he can’t fulfill especially if you’re kids don’t even like this activity. Sounds like he wanted them to do it because he likes the sport, he should not be forcing it on your children especially if he’s not committed to going with them.

fluidwarthog writes:

NTA. There's something wrong with your husband if he thinks that you are somehow obligated to provide logistics for your kids to something he's forcing them to do. Especially if he never consulted with you about it before forcing them to do it and before signing himself up for a conflicting 'obligation'. Especially since his thought process is so broken that he doesn't care how this would impact your job.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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