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Daughter tells mom 'I'm not proud that you're a nurse,' after scary 'tooth' incident.

Daughter tells mom 'I'm not proud that you're a nurse,' after scary 'tooth' incident.


When this daughter is annoyed with her mother, she asks Reddit:

'AITA For Telling My Mother I Am Not Proud Of Her Job As Nurse?'

My mother(48, F) is a nurse. I'm (F17) She has been busier with work ever since I shown her I was capable of looking after myself, and even more so after 2020. I barely see her even though we live in the same house.

Past incident: 3 years ago ago I broke my front tooth and went to her hospital with a bleeding mouth. I texted and asked to see her but she responded that since I am capable of going to the hospital on my own, to just go home after fixing my tooth.

I threw a temper in the hospital on the spot which ended up with a huge fight between us later. I blamed her for prioritizing her job over me and she blamed me for embarrassing her in front of her coworkers.

Current incident: I am graduating soon will be able to choose what I want to do. My mother had never bothered with my choices before but suddenly today she decides to sit me down and ask me to follow her steps.

She talked about the benefits, the government funded education systems and stuff, basically very proud of her job as a nurse. I remembered my broken(now fixed) tooth and told her that while she can be proud of herself, I am not proud of her, never had been.

She got very upset and we argued back and forth, until I just got up and left to my aunt's place. I told my aunt about our argument and she said I was being too harsh on my mother.

Soon after my father(no legal rights over me) called too and asked me to go home and apologise to my mother for being hurtful to somebody dedicated to saving lives. I blew him off too asking if she's so wonderful why did he left?

I told my friends about this too and some of them agree with my aunt and father that my mother doesn't deserve this. I have an answer in mind already, but I still want to ask AITA? I know she is everyone's hero, just not mine.

Let's find out.

mistressV writes:

NTA. I AM A NURSE!!! If something were to happen to my child and especially if I’m in the same hospital I would absolutely make sure my child was ok. Doesn’t matter how old or capable that child is. So for those of you bringing that up,shame on you!!!

I am a mother first and that’s an expectation of being a mother. OP, do NOT feel obligated to follow in her footsteps.

Nursing is downright AWFUL some days. I wouldn’t wish this profession on my child unless they were absolutely called to do so by their heart. Especially if you don’t like the person this profession has turned your mother into, you certainly have a right to tell her that as well.

TimeLikespi writes:

NTA. Your mom should have showed up for you.

I am not a nurse. My mom was not a nurse. My sister is. If anything happens to me and I end up in the hospital, I have to be careful about calling her. She will show up. She showed up for my mom, dad, and grandmother while they were alive.

She is a very caring person and so makes a great nurse. If I do ever call her, I know she is there. She is also on my durable power of attorney and living will. Your mom is not showing up because she thinks her job is more important. She is not showing up because that is who she is. When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.

She does seemed concerned with getting into a good career, which nursing is. I cannot speak to her motivations for that.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her in dealing with her mother?

Sources: Reddit
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