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Parents to newborn are tricked into receiving 'disgusting baby cot' as gift.

Parents to newborn are tricked into receiving 'disgusting baby cot' as gift.


When this man is annoyed with a baby gift he received, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for being ungrateful for a baby cot?'

My wife and I recently had a baby. For a cot (crib), we decided to get a small camper cot. It fits well in our bedroom and we can fold it up and travel with it. It's suited us and our little one well. My wife has a friend. Let's call her Mary. Mary had two kids who are now a little older (4 and 6 years).

One day we're at Mary's house and she randomly says, 'I want to give you guys a cot. It's one of those ones that converts later into a full bedroom: single bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, etc.' We say something like 'Oh thank you very much, we'd love that.' And we promptly forget about it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Mary sends my wife a text along the lines of 'please come pick up the cot this weekend, we're emptying the house because we're immigrating'.

We were a bit annoyed. It was already late in the week, and we couldn't organize a mover to help. I said we should just tell Mary to get rid of the cot, but my wife didn't want to upset her, so off we went with our baby and two small hatchback vehicles to collect the cot.

The cot is filthy, covered with 6 years of grime, cobwebs and dead spiders, the mattress is stained with urine. The wood is scuffed and in need of painting. Mary also casually drops that they had bedbugs at one point.

She says that they are missing dowel sticks or screws to fully assemble the cot, and she can't recall if it was screws or rods. We disassemble parts of the cot, load it, drive home, take it upstairs to our apartment. I had to do two trips because our cars were too small to fit everything. This all takes 10 hours.

Over the next few weeks, my wife buys paint, paints it and I try assemble it. As Mary said, parts are missing. We try to get them. They are the wrong parts. We throw away the mattress, but measure it so we can get a new one custom made.

Turns out the original mattress was actually too small, so our custom made one plus the custom sheets are all wrong. It's kind of assembled now, and we don't even like what it looks like. We could have saved ourselves more money and time if we had just bought a new one.

It's been about 5 weeks since we got this cot. I honestly feel that Mary didn't give a crap about us, and was just using us to take something off her hands. She'd have had to pay for furniture removal, but she could just dump it on us. So, AITA for being ungrateful for this thing?

Let's find out.

nerdyvolcano writes:

YTA. No is a complete sentence. You didn’t tell the cot donator no. If you don’t want it then sell or donate it. Your choices are not the fault of someone giving you something for free.

standardpark writes:

NTA .But make sure you learn something from this experience. Never accept anything FREE from anyone without first inspecting it. And make sure you are prepared to tell them No if it won't suit your needs.

You can't continue to get angry at folks when you are the one who said you would take it, then it's on you. Good luck because people will be constantly trying to unload their old baby stuff on you now.

legallyblonde8 writes:

ESH. Mary is obviously the bigger AH for unloading her broke down crap onto you. But you and your wife are slight AH's for investing a whole lot of time and money into something that neither of you want instead of just saying no when you saw the condition that it was in. Next time, don't agree to take something without seeing it and feel free to say no if it's not something you want.

So, is OP an AH for accepting this cot? Or is Mary the worst?

Sources: Reddit
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