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Pregnant mother to 3 bails on own Mother's Day party. Tells hubby, 'you lied to me.'

Pregnant mother to 3 bails on own Mother's Day party. Tells hubby, 'you lied to me.'


When this mom is fed up with her husband and her kids, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for leaving a mother's day celebration?'

This is probably extremely petty and I'm willing to admit that but none of what happened yesterday sat well with me. I have 3 kids and I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has been much tougher than my last ones, probably due to the length of time between pregnancies (my kids are 13, 11 and 9).

The ONLY thing I wanted yesterday for Mother's Day was to essentially 'check out'. I didn't want responsibilities. I wanted to relax, alone. Take a nap, possibly a bath, watch my TV shows uninterrupted, etc. It was my husband's day off so this should have been easily achievable. However, it was not.

My husband decided that he wanted to make it in to a family day. First up he wanted to go get ice cream with the kids (I hate ice cream so this wasn't fun for me at all). Then he decided he wanted to get a bunch of water toys for the yard for the kids. Meaning I had to go unpack bathing suits from storage because no one knows where they are, help set everything up, sit out there with them (youngest has Autism and prone to accidents/tantrums) and be fully 'checked in'.

After awhile I told my husband 'you've got this, I'm going for a nap'. Which, he had no problem with. I fell asleep for maybe 30 minutes after the kids came in 4 separate times to 'check on me and see what I'm doing' and then my husband coming in to wake me up because it was time to go see his mother and sisters and help them with yard work (plans I didn't know we had). So we drive out there, 45 minutes away and me already having a crabby f***ing attitude.

When we get there every single time I go to sit down I'm getting called to come help with something and when I get back to the seat it's either taken by a dog or a kid. I go retrieve another chair and it's all 'oh, thank you' and the seat is taken from me.

So I told my husband I was 'f***ng done you lied to me' and that what should have been a day for me to relax, as I requested, was completely destroyed. We end up leaving and my husband is pissed because he promised to help with yard work and it was cut short. I don't feel bad at all. AITA?

Let's find out.

thanxdangally writes:

NTA. How are all these husbands making this day about themselves and the kids they don't want to be part of parenting? I'm so sorry.

securet9 writes:

My God, that sounds exhausting. I don't see *1 thing* in that day that was TRULY done for you. You didn't want to do anything, and at every turn, it sounds like you were made to do something that you didn't want to do, including giving chairs to perfectly-abled teens who should have also been out doing yard work for their mother. Instead, it sounds like your SIL recruited your kids and Husband to do the work, and got angry when you wouldn't put up with her kids' bad behavior. NTA.

delightedlurker writes:

NTA. On Father’s Day you book a nice spot at a lovely spa and leave the kids with dad. Enjoy your day, and if he asks you tell him that you did all the fun stuff he wanted to do on Mother’s Day so it’s only fair you get to do your fun stuff on Father’s Day.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for this struggling mother?

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