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'I'm sick of parent privilege,' customer won't let mom and baby skip her in long line.

'I'm sick of parent privilege,' customer won't let mom and baby skip her in long line.


We all have different opinions on 'parent privelege.' In this scenario, a woman on a grocery line was scolded for not letting a mom and baby go ahead of her. The way she reacted though? Kind of unhinged.

Take a look at OP's account of her altercation on the grocery line.

'AITA for not letting a mom with a baby in front of me in a long line and telling an elderly lady to f*** off?'

I went to a shop today and service there was really slow with only one register open (no self checkout) and a really long line of people with majority of them having full carts of items, I on the other hand had only one item.

Behind me was an elderly lady and a mom with a baby, the older lady started telling the mom to skip the queue and go to the front because she’s with a child. I turned to her and asked her to speak for herself and that I do not agree that mom skips in front of me.

We started arguing and I said that this checkout does not give priority for pregnant people and parents so she should wait in line like everybody else and if she is unable because of a baby she shouldn’t bring the baby to the store with her.

The older lady started ranting how she has never seen behavior like this before, how I will understand when I have my own kids to which I said ‘if’ then she started telling me how my life will be horrible if I don’t and how I lack empathy and will regret my decision to which I told her to f off because I was tired of her BS.

The older women and a mom then just kept talking about me and my behavior between themselves and the mom then complained how she feels uncomfortable existing in a public space because of people like me.

I have absolutely no problem with kids. I don’t hate them, they never bother me and parents in general here are able to control their kids so they are never a problem.

However in this particular situation a child was calmly sleeping a stroller and I just don’t see a reason why she should have a privilege to skip a line just because she popped the baby out of her vajayjay.

Sure if a baby was screaming or she was carrying him in her hands or literally any reason but ‘I’m a mom so my time is more important than yours’ I would let her skip without a second thought.

I’m just tired of parents feeling entitled just because without any adequate reason. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say. Needless to say, opinions were all over the map.

eighttwo6214 writes:

NTA, you have one item and you don't try to skip. Why should a woman with a baby go forth? Having a baby is not a sickness nor it's a disability. She can stay in line like everyone else does.

bethholler writes:

You are not required to give up your spot in line if you don’t want to. That said the way you handled this situation was terrible. It costs nothing to be nice/polite.

You were rude both to the mother and to the elderly woman. Also, the way you talk about the mother and her baby is mean for no reason. YTA.

keyshelter2454 writes:

You’re NTA for not allowing the Mom to cut in front.

But your reaction… wow. Sounds like you went nuclear and that’s disturbing. All you had to do was ignore the conversation and keep your place in line. Elderly lady doesn’t speak for entire queue.

Why allow other ppl’s poor choices turn you into an AH ?

Well, looks like OP isn't officially TA one way or the other. Whose side are YOU on?

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