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Sis boycotts brother's wedding when her teenage son is uninvited, family takes sides.

Sis boycotts brother's wedding when her teenage son is uninvited, family takes sides.


When this mom is angry at her brother and SIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to go to a child free wedding if my son can’t go?'​​​​​

My younger brother and SIL are getting married next year 2024, and sent out the rsvp earlier this February which is when this whole “fight” started.

The invitations include “tickets” to the wedding along with the dress code and a semi-letter letting the attendees know this is a child free wedding along with a few other formalities or rules whatever they want to call them.

Not my wedding not my rules to make plus I don’t have “children,” my only kid is 16 year olds and I am a single mom so the whole idea of going to the wedding to enjoy a fun night to myself without kids is not something new nor is it something I’ve had to worry about for a while.

The issue isn’t with the rule-the issue is that the invitation originally came with two tickets and we didn’t think much of it because he’s not a child so why wouldn’t he be invited.

Turns out the no child rule involves anyone under the age of 18 and we found out when my son brought up the wedding during a family dinner and both my SIL and...

brother seemed taken aback which then led to questions and them finding out they had accidentally sent out two tickets which then led to an awkward conversation and my son getting un-invited in front of the people present.

I’m genuinely trying really hard to understand their side and the fact that it’s their wedding not mine but I cannot get past the idea of the way they did so and how they made my son feel.

Also, the fact that I had my son at a really young age and his “dad” was never present so my brother was like a big brother to my son so I think my son (and me) are quite hurt at the idea of my son not attending.

I would say me choosing to not attend is nothing personal but I’d be lying if I did so.

I’ve been getting called immature, petty, and a bitch but I think the situation would had been different had it been made clear my son wasn’t going to be invited from the start and not get his invitation revoked randomly. AITA?

Let's find out.

duckalono writes:

Soft ESH. The invite with two tickets was conflicting with the child free theme & you should have called to verify. But there’s no reason to call you those names & they could have been gently about uninviting your son. Child free normally excludes any person under the age of 18, not any person considered mature enough to attend.

oddexplanation5984 writes:

YTA and so is whomever called you “a bitch”. OP You are overreacting to an honest mistake and you’re trying to pressure them into letting your son attend. It’s their wedding, if they don’t want anyone under 18 present that’s their choice.

OP is being immature, petty, and vindictive. It sounds like OP made a point to announce to everyone that if her son couldn’t attend then she’s not attending. YTA.

Whomever Called OP a Bitch: Unless OP is leaving something out… this person is an AH.

All the other criticism is valid and that party is NTA.

hijack619 writes:

ESH, I would like to say n.t.a, but let's be realistic about the second ticket being likely for a +1 and you just decided it was for your son. The invite clearly said it was child free, and you thought you would be the exception.

It doesn't seem like you are skipping the wedding for any reason except spite. They are clearly assholes for name calling, and backpedaling on the second ticket.

Jury seems out on this one. Is OP an AH or is this an ESH situation? What do YOU think?

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