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Stepmom forces stepson to share snacks with her daughter. AITA? Dad says yes.

Stepmom forces stepson to share snacks with her daughter. AITA? Dad says yes.


When this mom is annoyed with her stepson, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for making my step son share the snacks he brought with his own candy with his sister?'

My(f32) husband (m40) has a son (m17) from a previous relationship. We have a eight year old daughter together and a baby (7months). My step son got a part time job around Christmas, he works in Starbucks. He's using his money to buy mostly gaming equipment, games and clothes, but sometimes he also buys snacks. They're not special snacks or anything, just Doritos or chips from the store. He likes to have some bags to eat while he's playing.

He brought a big pack of stuff yesterday after work, when he came home my daughter asked him what he brought and started looking though the stuff, he had some candy and she asked for some. He told her those candies were his and told her to not touch it, she insisted on having some and as he said no again they started arguing and she then cried.

She came crying to me (waking up my youngest son, who's teething btw) and told me what happened. So I told my son to just share some candy with her and help. He argued that he brought it with his own money so he doesn't have to give her anything. I told him that we buy most of our groceries with his dad's and my money so we could use the same logic, he continued arguing until I threatened him to ground him and he finally gave in. He was upset afterwards.

When my husband came home he told him what happened and after dinner my husband called mw off for treating step son as a little kid, he said that since he's being responsible with a job and getting his own money then he should get to decide if he wants to share his snacks or not and told me to not get my frustration out on his son. AITA?

Let's find out.

bluebook2000 writes:

His money, his choice. So YTA for that. An 8 year old is old enough to know 'no, that's not yours' so she's kinda an ass too. And if you enable her entitled tantrums, YTA for that too.And as for ' I told him that we buy most of our groceries with his dad's and my money' — it is your LEGAL OBLIGATION to buy food for your children. And the 8 year old is not his child, she's yours, so your 'logic' is actually nonsense. Don't be the Evil Stepmother.

mutualbuttsqueezin writes:

YTA. She's your child, buy her snacks. Also poor form to teach her that crying will get her what she wants. She's 8, too old for that shit. Also, you paying to feed your minor stepson isn't comparable. That is you literally doing your job as a parent.

hotplumb75 writes:

YTA. Can you not understand the difference between parents feeding kids and kids spending their money on it. Your husband needs to stand up for his kid. I hope the kid moves in with his mom and your DH has to pay child support. YOu should not be able to ground him. Did you pay him back, or are you a total AH.

Looks like OP is a MAJOR AH. Any advice for her when it comes to step parenting?

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