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Teen son refuses to help cook on Mother's Day. Says, 'my dad's the lazy one.' AITA?

Teen son refuses to help cook on Mother's Day. Says, 'my dad's the lazy one.' AITA?


When this son feels overwhelmed on mother's day, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for Refusing to Help Cook on Mother's Day?'

On Thursday, My Dad (42M) took me (18M) to help pick out a frame for my Mom's (38M) Mother's Day gift, which was a frame that said, 'Mom, you are the piece that holds us together.' with puzzle pieces beneath it with our names on it.

After two hours of shopping, we got what we needed, and I picked out a frame for us to use. My brother (4M) received a little credit since he was little, and my other brother (15M) did as well, though he didn't help; he just said whether or not it looked good.

On Friday, the gift was complete, so we showed it to Mom that evening, and she liked it. We took a picture with it as well.We had a garage sale on Saturday, but we all did our own thing afterward. That evening, I played with a few online friends and decided to stay up late since it was the weekend, and we didn't have plans on Sunday. I decided to go to bed around 2:30 AM.

This morning (Sunday), my Dad opens my door at 9:05 AM, which wakes me up; he asks me to help cook the eggs for Mother's Day. I explained to him that I was trying to sleep because I stayed up late and didn't know we planned to make breakfast beforehand so that I wouldn't stay up late.

Dad insists that I help with the eggs or the waffles, but I reiterated that I'm still trying to sleep because I stayed up late. He said I would help with the eggs and said a pan was out and that I had six minutes and started closing the door; I quickly tried to say that I had already told him. Also I feel like my dad was being lazy.

At around 9:45 AM, he came in again while I was in bed asleep, the opening of the door woke me up, and he said, 'How do you think that'll make her feel? Hearing that you refused to help make her breakfast?'

I replied that I had already helped with her Mother's Day gift, and he said something along the lines that he was the one who had the idea and actually built it and that helping with breakfast is something I can have more control over. I replied, 'Got it; I wasn't a part of her gift.'

After some back-and-forth, he closed the door a little (it wasn't fully closed); and left to continue cooking. At around 10:15 AM, breakfast was ready, and I was asleep; he came to my door, slammed it shut, and walked towards the kitchen cursing (about me, but he didn't call me any names from what I heard.) I'm not sure what he said, but I think it related to doing what I wanted and not what the household needed.

I feel like he failed to communicate his plans and that if he had told me he intended on making breakfast the next morning for Mother's Day, even after her gift, it would've helped me to know not to stay up late under the impression that we finished Mother's Day and that we had nothing planned. AITA?

Let's find out.

welshbogart writes:

This is a YTA. Mother's Day is about your Mom and she is barely in this post. You were asked to help make her breakfast one the one day of the year she is celebrated. You should absolutely have sucked it up. It's not about your Dad's behaviour or how you chose a photo frame buddy. It's about being a grateful son.

unsafeideas writes:

NTA. I kinda feel like this whole issue was between dad and son and had zero to do with mom. It was about dad's planning of something, him not communicating plan to som and sons unwillingness to help dad in the morning. But I find it weird that people act as if the core issue here was mothering or anything related.

I am mom. I think I would primary resented husband if I have seen this played out. It was dad who created big deal unnecessary conflict out of nothing. And the cooking breakfast issue was purely about dad not wanting to cook those eggs as much as son being just woken up and lazy to cook them. I would prefer just normal breakfast then to deal with their drama while they are using me as excuse.

hellahighhobbit writes:

YTA- How many days do you think your mom got up and took care of y’all on no sleep? This whole post is whining about how you had to do a bunch of stuff for your mom and who got credit and blah blah. Dude, I bet your mom does so much for y’all. Instead of waking up and making her eggs, you pissed off your dad and now you’re on Reddit pissing off other moms on Mother’s Day. Over eggs. Get some perspective beyond yourself. It will do you well.

Looks like the jury's out on this one. Any advice for this 'bad' son?

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