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Woman wants adult boyfriend to wear diaper to bed so they can 'live a normal life.'

Woman wants adult boyfriend to wear diaper to bed so they can 'live a normal life.'


When this woman is weirded out by her boyfriend, she asks Reddit:

Oh, and you're going to want to read OP's bizarre updates.

'AITA for telling my boyfriend to wear a diaper?'

So. Starting a few months ago he started wetting the bed which went from a one off haha funny thing to now a reoccurring issue. (About 3-4 times a week) which as you could imagine is becoming more and more frustrating. To his credit he did go to the doctor about it eventually. However for what they tried so far nothing has seemed to really help him with his issue.

When it does happen I usually clean the sheets or help him clean which was ok at first but now it happens so much it’s becoming a huge hassle trying to keep cleaning the sheets almost every morning.

The only thing I can think of to fix this for now is he wears some kind of disposable product or diaper or something to not have to wash sheets every morning but when I brought it up to him he long story short said absolutely not. I want to live a normal life. Ugh.

I tried to reassure him that it would just help everyone and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about but i didn’t get anywhere. I obviously understand why he’s reluctant to do it. But I can’t keep washing sheets and frankly wake up with his pee on me either. So AITA for trying to make him wear some kind of diaper to bed?

Let's find out what Redditors had to say.

norope1235 writes:

NTA. He needs to take responsibility for himself and the newer disposable under wear almost just looks like regular underwear. That said a trick I learned from toddlers: Buy two fitted waterproof mattress covers, the kind that feel like fabric. Make the bed this way: mattress cover, fitted sheet, mattress cover, fitted sheet. If he wets the bed or his absorbent underwear leaks, simply strip off the top layer of sheet/mattress cover and put them in the hamper. Then you’re still protected, the bed is still made, and no one is doing laundry at 2 am.

paintedpixie writes:

NTA. I’m sorry he’s having this issue, I’m sure the stress it’s causing is not helping him manage it either. It’s perfectly understandable that he may have some negative feelings surrounding the issue, however if you share a bed, it’s inappropriate of him to be urinating all over you and the bed on a regular basis when there is such a simple solution. If you don’t live together full time, however, instead of telling him how to manage his medical issues, you need to just start spending your nights in your own bed.

Let's take a look at some of OP's updates.

UPDATE: I’ll try to keep it short. He does help clean the sheets when it happens. I do overall feel bad for him so most of the time I help. Either I take throw them in the wash and he puts them back on or the other way around. Sometimes I do both but maybe I will stop helping at all to try to get him to do something. But overall it is only about 15 minutes of actual work.

But in short. He does help the majority of the time and if he doesn’t. It’s because I told him to which with what yous have said I’ll stop doing. He doesn’t have any drinking problems or anything like that either. In fact he really doesn’t drink much at all in general. So not the cause.

He did go to the doctor pretty early on so he was pointed to an urologist. I don’t know I ton about what they told him. however I can say with confidence he absolutely did at least go and didn’t lie about it. Also best way I couple put it as someone who knows him and all but I highly highly doubt it’s some kind of fetish.

Well, is OP definitely NTA? What would YOU do in this situation?

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