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Woman is angry when stepson 'promotes' his own major live event at her wedding.

Woman is angry when stepson 'promotes' his own major live event at her wedding.


When this woman felt offended at her wedding reception, she asks Reddit:

'AITAH for being upset at my stepson during my wedding reception?'

When I (30F) married my hubby (45M), my stepson and at the time his fiance (both were early 20's) started passing out their baby shower invites while my hubby and I were cutting our cake. I do want to point out that my hubby and I DID NOT receive an invite.

I also want to point out that my hubby is my stepson father In hindsight I should have said something right then in there but I was feeling selfish that moment because I didn't want to draw attention to her on what was supposed to a special day.

A few days later they came to our house to discuss having their wedding reception in our garage and it was then that I brought up how I felt. I explained how their actions were disrespectful and tasteless. That they not only made me feel uncomfortable but also my guests. The issue was not everyone that attended the reception was invited to her baby shower.

I further explained that we, the bride and groom, weren't even invited and that should have just mailed her invites or asked us if it was OK to hand them out. I was told by my daughter in law that 'It wasn't a real wedding.

Since this was just the reception and some of guests in attendance were invited to her baby shower, she would save on postage since they were planning their own wedding. It's not that big of deal because her side of the family does this type of thing all the time. Her mom told her it wouldn't be rude.If I was really that upset I should have said something that day. What do you mean you didn't get an invite? We handed it to you just as you were cutting the cake.

Here, take this one then.' Then proceeds to hand me an invite. Now, I would remember if I got an invite while cutting my dang cake! I just took the card and went inside. I let my hubby talk to them the rest of the time. We did not attend the babyshower. Because of this incident, it has caused a rift in the family. I just want to know if I'm the asshole. AITA?

Let's find out.

notsludge8 writes:

NTA. Tacky to announce pregnancy at a wedding and just as tacky to hand out invites to another event. Even moreso when not everyone was invited!!! Didn't we all learn in grade school not to hand out invitations in public if everyone wasn't invited?!

If they didn't know it was wrong they would've mentioned it first. Not saying anything on the day was fair - they didn't deserve any special attention and I would guess DIL would then sadly and loudly play the victim for how you were jealous/spiteful/mean or whatever.

5115E writes:

NTA Not only was what they did was rude and classless, she then then they doubled down on it saying that it wasn't a real wedding and that her mom approved. And she claims that she did it to save postage? It really would have not mattered what the occasion, you do not use someone else's party to highlight your own.

And you do not invite people to an event in front of others who are not included. There's no shame in being on opposite sides from a family this classless. Your husband should probably tell his son that unless adhere to some basic etiquette, they can expect a future with a lot of hurt feelings.

codadey writes:

NTA. WTF? They want to have their wedding reception in your garage? Which would mean the guests would be traipsing through your house to find the bathroom, and they would want to use your kitchen for the reception food. Your stepson and his fiance are weird to want a wedding reception in a garage.

And if they can't afford postage to mail invitations, they have no business throwing a wedding reception, even if it's in a garage. Wow. I'm speechless.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

Sources: Reddit
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