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Woman's BF is an OBGYN, her friend says, 'aren't you jealous of his women?'

Woman's BF is an OBGYN, her friend says, 'aren't you jealous of his women?'


When this woman is annoyed with her ignorant friend, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for criticizing my friend for judging my bf’s OBGYN career path?'

I (30F) have been dating my bf (31M) for about two years. In that time, he finished his OBGYN residency training and began working at a private practice. We have a very happy relationship with great communication and we’re heading towards engagement.

I recently caught up with a college friend (29F) who I hadn’t talked with in a while. I’m not on social media a lot so people who I haven’t kept up with often don’t realize I’m with my bf, especially because we started dating right before the pandemic and haven’t traveled together for weddings or anything.

When I told my friend that my bf was an OBGYN, she said, “omg are you serious? He looks at vaginas all day? Doesn’t that make you insecure that he does that for a living?” I asked her what she meant. She said, “do you ever wonder if he’s judging yours? Or do you get jealous that he looks at other people’s vaginas constantly?”

I was super angry when I heard this. For one, that makes him sound pervy and unprofessional. He does look at vaginas FOR MEDICAL REASONS and is always completely professional with his patients. Second, I really resented the implication that our relationship is lacking or that I have a reason to be insecure about his faithfulness to me. Third, I think this reasoning is sexist and no one would ask that if I was dating a female OBGYN.

I responded, “That’s actually really messed up that you said that. It makes me angry and I’m going to stop this conversation now.” And then I hung up the phone. She hasn’t reached out to apologize. I’m now wondering if I overreacted. I feel bad. Reddit, AITA for calling her out like this?

Let's find out what internet users had to say.

drwhoop writes:

RN here, I've seen and touched a lot of naked people and their genitals, not only is it NEVER sexual but some healthcare workers have a negatively affected sex lives because of it. It's literally part of the job. NTA.

possywoodhad writes:

Fun fact. My aunt wanted to be an OBGYN in the 70s/80s.]She was told that wome didn't do that. Women did pediatrics.So she did pediatrics. NTA.

josywhynes writes:

NTA - I'd think being an OBGYN would be more likely to turn a dude off from vaginas altogether. Speculums and yeast infections aren't particularly sexy. I mean, my wife is a nurse and I'm not about to get jealous about her putting catheters in 80 year old guys...

Looks like OP is NTA. We love a male OBGYN!

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