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Woman exposes parents to younger brother's controversial social media presence.

Woman exposes parents to younger brother's controversial social media presence.


When this woman exposes her younger brother's offensive social media presence, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for exposing my little brother's offensive videos to our parents?'

I (17F) have a little brother (13) who has a TikTok (like all kids these days I guess). My parents gave him his own phone when he was 11, but he's only just been allowed to have his own social media that isn't monitored by our parents, meaning that they don't have his account passwords anymore (they did from 11-13) or his phone password, but he is expected to let them in if there's reason for them to.

I have been following my little brother on TikTok since he made his account. He asked me to make an account to follow him to get more attention, so I did. I occasionally check in on his account to make sure he's all good. I thought he was, but he's recently started making offensive and dumb content.

My brother used to be obsessed with a YouTuber called Jaystation, who uploads videos to scare kids where he pretends to contact dead celebrities, pretends to do dumb 3am challenges, etc. My brother realised these videos were fake, but he's also figured out that this is a good way to get followers.

He's been making videos where he pretends to contact dead celebrities, such as Mac Miller, Michael Jackson, and a bunch of other high profile deaths. I think this is really disgusting and immoral. I told him he needs to stop, and he basically laughed in my face. So I told our parents.

They demanded he showed them his phone, and he didn't, so they demanded I showed them the videos on my phone, which I did. They were horrified and have made him delete his account (he had like 8k followers) and he's been banned from having his phone for two weeks.

My brother know isn't talking to me at all. He's furious and he thinks I did something dramatic because he is just scaring kids for clout. I told him it's still disrespectful and gross, but we're not getting anywhere. AITA?

Let's find out.

misanthrope writes:

YTA. Just because it's dumb and unfunny doesn't make it 'immoral.' When your title said 'offensive' I was assuming he was tossing the n-bomb all over the place or something. It's tasteless, but most 13 year olds are tasteless. Do you think he doesn't make similar jokes with his friends? He'll grow out of it, and making fun of specific dead celebrities isn't so wrongheaded that there's a need to intervene.

corvidcastles writes:

NTA. Your parents really should've kept track of what he was doing online, but that's a whole other can of worms. I think you did the right thing informing your parents of your little brother's questionable videos. Even if the videos we're ultimately fine (I'm very unsure about that, but hypothetically), you would be right to bring it up with your parents.

bunnyearspound writes:

Agreed, OP you’re very much NTA. Your brother is a child, and your parents need to keep an eye on what he’s doing online. There’s all kinds of awful stuff for him to get sucked into, and it’s disturbing he doesn’t understand what he was doing wrong. Making sure he doesn’t grow up to be an asshole is an important part of parenting, and maybe one day he’ll realize you were looking out for him. Either way, his behavior was not okay, and you did the right thing.

So, is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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