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Woman feels so awkward after she accidentally makes fun of child's disability.

Woman feels so awkward after she accidentally makes fun of child's disability.


When this woman feels guilty about a joke she made, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for accidentally making a joke about my friend's daughter?'

A friend of mine has a wonderful little girl, Tia, who was born with one foot. She had that thing where bands grow around the fetal limb and cut off blood supply. As such her foot was amputated at birth. Tia is a really cool kid, funny and smart. We used to see the family often but the last year or two have been hard on everyone.

We finally got together recently and I'm pretty sure the friendship is over because I put my foot in my mouth. I promise it was unintentional, I was just being thoughtless or careless with my words. So, Tia's parents have been saving up since Tia was born to buy her a top of the line prosthetic foot. They finally reached their goal and Tia now has a kick-ass foot. She'd been wearing it for about a month when we all got together.

Tia was 3 the last time I was her, she's almost 5 now. Until she got her knew limb she used a wheelchair or crutches on a good day. Like most kids she's grown a lot since I last saw her. With her new limb she stands taller. So my stupid ass says to her, 'Tia, wow, you've grown a whole foot since the last time I saw you!' I immediately regretted my choice of words.

Tia's parents look pissed and offended but Tia, bless her heart, was howling with laughter and showing off her new foot. Tia's parents decided to leave, despite my fervent apologies. I truly did not mean to say what I did, and not the way they took it. Tia's dad has only text me back once to tell me to leave them alone. I apologized once more but I think I'm blocked. Even my wife has sent apologies but I think she's blocked too.

I swear to God I'm not cruel, I'm just a really big dope. I didn't mean what I said to sound like it did. And I apologized. AITA?

Let's find out.

stepher writes:

OP is definitely NTA. I also understand why the parents had the initial reaction of being upset. But I feel like the parents overreaction could be even worse on this little girl rather then the unintentional joke.

They are showing this young girl that if someone says something like this they are automatically a bad person and maybe even making this girl feel more self conscious possibly ashamed of her prosthetic. Am I saying this will for sure happen to her, no. But could this behavior of overreaction have some serious consequences down the line for her if not brought into check by the parents, yes.

illopportune writes:

NTA. Reading the title, I though this would be way worse. That was such an innocent mistake, no reason to be so offended. I’d stop apologizing though, they are treating you badly and don’t deserve the friendship.

tiptopc writes:

NAH - that's a really common thing to say to children, completely believable mistake. Plus you apologized immediately and sincerely. At the same time, I can't blame the parents, who have surely been stressing for their daughter's entire life about her facing mockery/cruelty, among other hardships.

I would say that you should send them a letter apologizing once more - saying that you love Tia and would never mock her, that you spoke without thinking and intensely regret that you hurt them and risked hurting her.. basically what you said here. Then let them get back in touch with you if and when they're ready.

Well, is OP definitely NTA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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