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Woman flies home in secret after in-laws exclude her from 'fancy' dinner. AITA?

Woman flies home in secret after in-laws exclude her from 'fancy' dinner. AITA?


"AITA for going home after my in-laws excluded me from dinner at a restaurant?"

I f26 went on a 'family trip' with my inlaws 2 weeks ago. MIL always thought that I am a bit 'ignorant' and 'backward' and that just because I come from lower class family (compared to hers) that I have no etiquette.

After we arrived to the hotel, They arranged to visit a fancy restaurant for dinner, My husband avoid telling me and I learned it last minute after he had already got dressed.

I asked where he was going and he said he & family were going to eat out but I wasn't invited because his mom 'assumed' that since I wouldn't be familiar with the food and 'how to eat it' it there at the restaurant, then it's better for me to stay-in and eat at the hotel.

I didn't argue I just let him go then I packed and took the first flight home. He freaked out and called many times and when he found out that I went home, he blew up snd called me ridiculous and irrational to do this.

Even said that I acted in an ungrateful manner and embarrassed him in front of his family after he literally begged to have me go on the trip.

We argued and he started giving md silent treatment after he came home. Moreover, his family are indirectly criticizing me on Facebook about what I did. Did I overeact? AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

drypromotion9 writes:

What the hell did I just read. The only response should be: NTA you hubby is a massive AH for not standing up for you, for going behind your back to a meal in a GROUP vacation, for being surprised and upset that you left that vacation to go home, and is now giving you the silent treatment?

Honey, I have never said this to a post as it is just a snapshot of a relationship. But this relationship is toxic….you need to leave and not look back. He is never going to support you or choose you over his family. Wtf, you are so low class you can’t eat at a nice restaurant? What does that even mean? Run. Run. Run.

oknobody writes:

It sounds like you have a husband problem. He went along with you not being included to go to dinner? That is incredibly rude and disrespectful. He didn’t defend you. He could have declined the dinner invitation and gone out with you instead.

If you want this relationship to last, you both need to go to counseling to learn communication and boundaries. He also has to grow a spine to deal with his mother.

lazyrush writes:

NTA. A well-known story about Queen Victoria comes to mind. It begins with a dinner with a foreign dignitary. When the finger bowl was given, the visitor drank from it instead of cleaning his fingers. To save his embarrassment, Queen Victoria drank from hers.

The in-laws are awful, and so is the husband for not standing up to them. I'm wondering if he's trying to stay in their good graces for monetary reasons.

Looks like OP is NTA! But is suddenly flying home a bit dramatic?

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