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Woman forces husband to sell his 'glorified bachelor pad.' AITA? Hubby says yes.

Woman forces husband to sell his 'glorified bachelor pad.' AITA? Hubby says yes.


When this woman is horrified by her and her husband's behavior, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for trying to force my husband to sell his apartment/flat and calling it a glorified shag pad?'

We used to live in the apartment/flat my husband owned before we got married but we moved 3 years ago because I wanted our son to have more space and a garden. My husband kept the flat mostly because it’s 5 minutes from his office so he could stay there whenever he has to work extra late.

I was fine with him keeping it at first but it’s causing more headache than it’s worth at this point. My husband never spends the night even when he finishes late. Not to be tmi but the only thing we use it for is when he wants to have seggs away from our kids.

However, various members of our family have asked to stay there when they’re visiting. There’s currently an issue with my sister and stepsister because they both asked to use it at the same time and I’m tired of this whole situation. This isn’t the first time this has happened and I’ve told them both they can’t use it now but I feel like this is going to happen again eventually.

I suggested my husband sell it but he wouldn’t even discuss it and straight up refused. We’ve been arguing over it for a while because I think it’s pointless for us to continue holding on to it when it sits empty most of the time.

I referred to the flat as a glorified seggs pad which my husband was offended by. Yesterday we had a big argument over it and he told me he didn’t care if I wanted him to sell it because he wasn’t going to and we could move back in and sell the house instead if I had a problem with it. AITA?

Let's find out.

tyraxx writes:

YTA, I'm confused as to why you think this is your decision to make? You're welcome to have an opinion on it but forcing him?? The headaches you describe it causing sound really minor to me, you suggested he sell it he said no, that should be the end of it, you're not his boss and it's not your apartment.

meatymagnus writes:

YTA - You have stated zero issues or 'headaches' that would warrant selling the place, put another way you have not given any valid reason to sell the place so there can't be any discussion about it. If you don't want to manage sharing the place with your family then don't, but you don't sell property to avoid saying no to family.

It's an investment why would he sell it? What would be gained? Instead of being negative sell the upside to it. Selling a property that is not your primary residence often comes with a nasty tax grab depending on where you live, if you have no pressing reason to sell it, don't.

externalhamster writes:

YTA. This isn't up to you. It's his apartment and he's keeping it. Why your family thinks they can stay there, and schedule it with you is beyond me. Why you are thinking you can make this choice is also beyond me.

Looks like OP is TA. Why is so she angry about this apartment?

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