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Woman reveals to whole family that her pregnant SIL is a "b*itch and a brat."

Woman reveals to whole family that her pregnant SIL is a "b*itch and a brat."


When this woman is fed up with her SIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for screaming at my pregnant SIL that she is a b*tch and brat?'

My SIL (32) is four and a half months pregnant. Since she discovered she is, she has been making various requests which I am not happy about.

She demands that if we go to family dinners in a restaurant we have to avoid certain places such as kebabs or sushi. But it doesn't go until that point, it is basically anything.

We can't go to cafes because she says the smell of coffee and pastries make her sick to her stomach, and that besides that she can't drink coffee which she used to love.

She is also in my friends group (I introduced her) and has the same attitude around clothes. We can't go shopping anymore because she will start crying that she can't wear the clothes or that the heels won't fit her.

We have told her that there must be clothes with a bigger size to complement her body now but she says that is a waste of energy and money.

So, In three weeks it will be my 30th birthday so I want to make it special. Since I was a child my best friend's and I favorite food has been sushi (we used to go out to this sushi place once a week) so I found this restaurant who will deliver me these freshly made sushi rolls.

I have told SIL today about this so I can warn her about the 'potential nauseating smell' that she says she hates.

The moment I told her she got very mad. She told me how selfish I was for choosing the main food that she cannot eat at the moment. I tried to explain to her that I had always planned this and that I will also gather food specifically for her.

But she did not hear me. She screamed that I was doing this on purpose just to humiliate her like 'all the other times'.

It was there when I got very mad, and screamed back in front of her whole family (we were previously alone, but after hearing her screams people started to come) that she was being a b*tch since she found out she got pregnant...

and that that was only and excuse to tap how much of a brat she was and that she was prohibited from being near my house the day of my birthday.

After that I was having none of it and went away leaving her crying (only husband came). All of this was yesterday, and since then I have not stopped getting messages from husbAnd...

telling me to apologize because while she may had been behaving very demanding she was pregnant and I shouldn't put through emotions like that and that I was very cruel, especially for the sushi on my birthday thing...

My Husband agrees with me, but I am not sure, maybe I have not been empathetic. But I have thought about me being pregnant and I wouldn't behave like that! AITA?

Let's find out.

aceofspades89 writes:

NTA, pregnancy isn't an excuse for shitty behavior. Is it understandable why she can't have sushi? yes. Does it mean she can dictate how you celebrate your birthday especially when you had plans to accommodate her? Absolutely not.

palindromer1 writes:

NTA. Sushi is prime, and is especially nice to have on your birthday. Happy early birthday OP! SIL sounds entitled AF. There have been dozens of posts lately about pregnant women being extensively entitled and it's ridiculous.

lowchocolate765 writes:

Agreed. NTA. When I was pregnant I was nauseous from week 5 until the day after the baby was delivered. Everything made me puke. The only thing I could keep down was Greek salad.

My husband and FIL wanted to go to a seafood restaurant and the smell of seafood made me puke. I stayed home, let them enjoy their outing, and husband brought me home a huge salad.

I get accommodating pregnant ladies but they also have to be reasonable that they CANNOT force everyone else to put their lives on hold for their entire pregnancy.

Well looks like OP is NTA. But is the SIL being entitled AF? Any suggestions for OP in dealing with her?

Sources: Reddit
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