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17 people share a life experience they had that no longer exists.

17 people share a life experience they had that no longer exists.


Dial-up internet, being kind and rewinding the VHS tape, making plans from a pay phone, getting concert tickets in person, or smoking cigarettes on an airplane--the world is rapidly changing every day...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's an experience you've had that no longer exists?' people were ready for a blast from the past.


I made it all the way through high school and college before social media was a thing. There is zero proof of 99% of all the dumb things, embarrassing things, and mistakes I made growing up - The__Riker__Maneuver


Flying on the Concorde. - awallacevt


Road trip with a paper map we bought at a gas station. - BoDiddley_Squat


Attending concerts and just enjoying the music without someone’s cellphone blocking the performance. - ChickenBootty


Going to a restaurant and being asked if we wanted the smoking or non smoking section. - Jesse1179US


The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. The ride/show part was cheesy, but fun. The entry to the ride was a museum of Star Trek history and memorabilia. But the real gem was the restaurant: half TNG Ten Forward setting/half DS9 Quark's Bar setting. Costumed characters would drop by your table to chat. It was all beautifully themed and immersive.- TwoDrinkDave


Looking through the Sears catalog for Christmas ideas.- drhman1971


Racing to finish peeing on a commercial break. - moms_new_boyfriend


“Come home when the streetlights turn on.' I can’t say that to my kids without risking a visit from CPS. - Ghast-light


The endless possibilities of a new box of blank VHS tapes- cmkeller62


Getting yelled at by my mom for tying up our phone line with our dial up internet. I just wanted to download one song and needed the internet for 12-16 hours tops. - Classic-Ad-7079


Watching the little dot fade on the telly at the end of broadcasting for the night. - sinistrelle


Deplaning quickly after a flight because most people checked their bags. Also those bags arriving when you got to the carrousel because the airline over-staffed - juanzy


Listening in on someone else’s phone conversation on a “party line” - chocolatewafflecone


Touching a CRT TV and feeling the fuzz, the direct connection to the interference caused by the electron gun powered by a power planet and modified by invisible light picked up by a weirdly shaped bit of metal.- FleefTalmeef


Giving someone I like a mix tape. Where I physically listened to songs and decided I think this person will like this compilations of music… no one has ever sent me a personalised Spotify playlist etc - R8RtailG8R


Looking forward to Friday nights when my dad took me to the local Blockbuster store to pick out a movie and some candy. - NorthwestFreshYesss

Sources: Reddit
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