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21 people share the discontinued items that still devastate them to this day.

21 people share the discontinued items that still devastate them to this day.


Nostalgia: it has a grip on generations young and old!

So, fair warning - this list of discontinued items will be for mostly millennials and gen x, but I'm sure everyone can recognize at least one thing from here. And you don't have to remember something to realize that it was SO much better. Enjoy!

u/kellerisdabest asks the wide world of Reddit:

'What discontinued thing do you really want brought back?'


An almost adless internet. - questionsndcomments


Headphone jacks on cellphones. - Locoman7


Paying once for work software, like Microsoft word or Adobe PDF, and actually owning it thereafter without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. - dusmeyedin


Seriously. We can purchase music, movies, and books via Apple, Amazon, and a whole host of other services, but we never actually own it anymore. They reserve the right to revoke it at any time. - xsvspd81


Surprises in the cereal boxes! Not the 'enter two codes inside on our website' bull. Actual, physical THINGS in a package floating somewhere in that box of Cheerios! - sathil-42


Just smaller pickups in general. The hell with these massive 'mid-sized' beasts. - carpediem930


Younger people just have no idea how important MTV was. It was literally the only place you were going to hear sh*t that wasn't on the radio. In the 80s and early 90s, with no internet, you couldn't really experience new music that wasn't on the radio.

And, if you grew up in a small town you probably didn't have a cool radio station to listen to. 120 minutes, Yo MTV Raps, Headbangers Ball , and a bunch of others.

You literally would never hear the music they played unless you could buy tapes for random bands you had never heard of. MTV diversified the music tastes of millions of people and is sadly now remembered for random bullshit. - ITworksGuys


The dislike option on YouTube. - TheKillerNut


When you would win a free coke from the plastic bottle cap. Those were the best. Or the mcdonalds monopoly game when you could win free fries or something. - zahursky

10. - 17.

Because there were sooo many, here are the top food posts:

Apple empanadas from Taco Bell. - LootFroop

McDonald’s Snack Wraps. I could eat like 4 in a single sitting. - XJioFreedX

Costco combo pizza. - hotasphalt

Double decker tacos. - knf28

Deep fried McDonald’s apple pie. The one from the 1980’s to 1990’s. The one that was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside. That sh*t was the best. - newnhb1

Jello pudding pops. Without Cosby. - NotHisRealName

Those, cream-lifesaver lollipops… - Korgozz


The Incredible Crash Dummies toys and cartoon. - uncleskeleton


Products that were meant to last and not broken or obsolete in 1-2 years. - titwrench


'fast fashion' It's a tough one. At least there's still companies like Patagonia making high quality stuff. You pay a premium, but they'll fix those jackets forever I believe. Broken zipper? Send it in, they'll fix it for free and send it back. Again it's really the 'fast fashion' brands that are so bad. H&M, etc. Just the lowest possible quality stuff. - appleparkfive


I have my parents original fridge that’s about 40 years old. When dad upgraded I took it. Runs perfectly fine. He has to replace or repair his every 10 years. - Sockbasher

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