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16 people share the results of their office romances.

16 people share the results of their office romances.


That warm feeling in your stomach when that cute person walks by your work desk, means you may have an office crush (or work at home with your partner). Everyone may experience it, but most people never act on it. I advise you never to sh*t where you eat, but some people can't help themselves.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit subreddit, people share the outcomes of giving in to their office romance.

They write:

1. dimensionsanalyst says:

After years of sexual tension we did it, it wasnt anything close of what we expected, never talked about it again and we went back to just being friends.

2. get_off_my_lawn_n0w says:

She's been suffering from my snoring for twenty years now.

3. oyofmidmidworld says:

Terrible. Don’t f*ck your boss.

4. kingspooky93 says:

I have been rejected respectfully each time.

5. StellarSandDweller says:

Not great. Dated for just over a year (on and off), but now that we’re not together, it sucks having to see her almost every day.

6. gn0xious says:

Made out in the walk-in fridge. Went out for a while, got engaged, moved in together, got married, started drifting apart, realized we were growing into different people with very different long-term goals, got divorced, and haven’t spoken since, together for close to 11 years total.

7. DiggingUpTheCorpses says:

HR all of a sudden wanted a 'friendly chat.'

8. SingingBull says:

It was the best I ever had. We are still in touch, but we are continents apart. I haven't met him since 2013. Pretty sure if we meet again, we will not waste time talking.

9. Extra-Simple9711 says:

We did it two months into my employment there. Nineteen years later, we have a mortgage in the suburbs and two children.

10. crapuccino4 says:

We've been together for five years now and still working in the same company (different departments). Both of us have had multiple promotions since we got together. Great on saving gas and food expense as we live together now.

11. Momentary-Lapse89 says:

Turns out she is married and wasn't winking at me, it was a nervous tic. Meeting with HR tomorrow.

12. suffaluffapussycat says:

I was a pro photographer with corporate clients a little over twenty years ago. I had a cute assistant and we started sleeping together. We’ve been married for 14 years and have a great daughter. We’re a happy family!

13. Conscious_Exit_5547 says

They won't let me train horses anymore.

14. Ninjapig101 says:

We kept it a secret for six months before people at work found out. I ended up firing him after dating for about nine months. We are still together nearly seven years later and have a beautiful baby who just turned one. Sometimes, against all odds, it works out!

15. i-piss-excellence32 says:

We had sex but for some reason I was sweating profusely and it grossed her out. She kind of ghosted me after that.

I tried it again a few years later with a different girl and we’ve been married for three years now and expecting our second child in November

16. macaroooooon says:

We dated for three months it was beautiful. And out of the blue he suggested we break it off because of hr and what not, so we did. He went on to date another co worker immediately which truly broke my heart. Made it unbearable for me to watch, and I got better opportunities workwise, else where and left.

Turns out he screwed up that relationship too after wasting her time for five years. It's been a long while but I never give into any sexual tension in my workplace. No matter what.

There have been people who were kind, patient and truly deserved that chance. But I've just made it a point to make sure, never again.

Sources: Reddit
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