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Woman helps friend catfish her cheating boyfriend on Tinder. 'AITA?'

Woman helps friend catfish her cheating boyfriend on Tinder. 'AITA?'


"AITA for helping a friend catfish her boyfriend?"

Here's the story:

My friend and I are 22F, and her now-ex-boyfriend is 25M. This happened a week ago. My friend has been with her boyfriend for almost a year now, and everything has been going well. She thought that he was perfect for her, and she was head over heels for him.

Lately, she’s been noticing weird behaviours, and he’s been uninterested in doing things that they usually do together, like watching movies or going to the beach, etc. He’s been on his phone a lot too.

My friend was suspicious, and saw that he had installed Tinder on his phone (he had deleted it after they met), so she confronted him, and he said it was nothing, and that it was probably just a mistake when he restored his phone. My friend asked if I could install Tinder and check if he is active on there, so I did.

I used fake photos and name and everything because he knew me, and we’ve met before. I found his profile after a bit, and he superliked my profile. We started talking, I asked when his last relationship was, and he said that they broke up a couple of months ago. I asked him out on a day my friend and him planned to watch a movie, he agreed and proceeded to cancel their plans.

I sent all the screenshots to my friend, and ghosted him on the supposed date. My friend broke up with him and sent him all the screenshots. He’s now mad at us for catfishing him, but I think it’s his fault for trying to cheat on my friend and not break up with her. Are we the a**holes?

Here's what top commenters had to say:

Cheecky-Cheeks said:

NTA. You were helping a friend, it would be one thing if the boyfriend wasn’t acting suspicious but he was and the girlfriend, your friend, had a actual reason to believe he was cheating. She asked for your help.

It also wasn’t like the girlfriend was wrong, he actually would of cheated on her! I think you did a great thing, you helped your friend out of a toxic relationship, if you didn’t she would of been stuck in a loveless relationship, while getting cheated on, and it would of caused more pain later on.

vaguelyambiguous1 said:

NTA - that's not even really catfishing. YWBTA if you were coming out of nowhere trying to tempt him, but dude's on Tinder and took 0 encouragement. What a douche.

NYWingers said:

NTA, he should’ve been straightforward with your friend and broken up with her earlier.

robblanco3 said:

Eh, ESH. Kinda awesome you guys were right and so easily caught him. However, the lack of trust and subsequent deception is not the coolest. It worked out and was sorta justified but still, ESH.

ohdeargodnotthisguy said:

NTA. You were helping confirm suspicions and then gave him a hard jab. So yes it was an asshole move but it was not unwarranted so NTA

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