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Woman sparks debate on first date etiquette by sharing a screenshot from Hinge.

Woman sparks debate on first date etiquette by sharing a screenshot from Hinge.


When planning a first date on a dating app, should you propose a plan that requires equal travel time for both parties, or is it ok to be shamelessly optimistic and pick a place close to your home?

After a man suggested a bar that was beautifully convenient for him, but approximately an hour commute from his potential Hinge date, strangers of the internet everywhere were ready to engage in the drama.

She also included some photos of the bar's outdoor space for the invested super-sleuths among us...

For those unfamiliar with New York City neighborhoods...the trip from the West side of Manhattan to Williamsburg isn't exactly a cross-country hike through treacherous terrain.

Still, many people thought that meeting halfway would be a more considerate proposal for a first date. Especially if you have to risk traveling all the way across a bridge by train from your main borough only to discover an immediate lack of chemistry over forced cocktail conversation, his pitch was a flop.

For those who thought he understood the assignment and set a plan though, the screenshot only caused a spiral of epic confusion:

Others decided to keep their opinions silent, but question the post itself:

What do you think? Is it normal to suggest a place you like that's in your own neighborhood, or is it always more polite to choose a location that's halfway/closer to your date?

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