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17 people share their hottest take that they're not qualified to have.

17 people share their hottest take that they're not qualified to have.


Having a controversial opinion that you're not technically qualified to have is one of the great joys in this life, but it's important to be prepared to start a few wars at family holidays or in comment sections...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s your hot take on something you’re unqualified to have an opinion on?' people were brave enough to reveal their most divisive and saltiest opinions.


I don't think people in Finance actually do anything. I've had a bunch of friends in the Financial Industry and none of them can actually walk me through a day to day. I'm not sure if it's because of NDAs or whatnot, but none of them could actually articulate what they do on a daily basis. - chriskrohne


We should...Bring back duels - Separate-Guarantee84


If we had legalized mushrooms the world could quite literally change for the better.- IG_ArticleParticle


Twitter has seriously made the world a worse place, and has seriously messed up people's brains - GrandPerspective5848


Crypto-currency is just a multi-level marketing scheme for tech bros. - fictiondepiction


Making your bed in the morning is pointless. - Weak_Commercial_7124


People should only have to work 4 days per week. And should retire by the age of 45 - Available_Let_1785


Don't give kids any tablets or phones until they're at least 13. - anonymouscanuckcreep


Single people have the best relationship advice - alieninhumanskin10


I'd love to see us institute an 'enough' rule. Once you've got 50 million in cash and assets, you're done. You can give the rest away to anyone you like, but you've got enough. I don't think we actually benefit from massively wealthy individuals exerting a huge influence on our economic and political landscape. - Terpsichorean_Wombat


Basketball hoops should be raised to recalibrate the sport for the taller athletes playing it now. - qbeanz


Chiropractic is a pseudo science and filled with con artists - psycharious


General construction projects don’t take that long, contractors just milk their time. - rynwrrn15


Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s apartment definitely couldn’t fit on the third floor of that house. - SalMinellaOnYouTube


Expiry and best before dates are bullsh*t - RoboftheNorth


Wagyu beef is not that good. I'm no culinary master and everyone has their own tastes but that one time I had wagyu beef I just felt disappointed because it wasn't as amazing as people hype it up to be - CandyFuru


Taxes should be done for you by the govt. I’m not qualified to do this and why should I?? - redredredIT1234

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