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17 people share the most messed up conversation they ever overheard in public.

17 people share the most messed up conversation they ever overheard in public.


Sure, eavesdropping is techincally 'rude,' but it's not your fault if someone is having the juiciest conversation you've ever heard in your life, right?

Sometimes you simply must walk slowly, take notes, and contort your neck into a circus performer's position in order to hear a stranger's fight with their boss. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most f*cked up thing you overheard in a conversation?' people were ready to share the weirdest, funniest, most inappropriate, or downright unhinged parts of a convervation they heard in passing.


Stood behind a couple arguing loud. The man screams 'WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN DANGER, I ALMOST CALLED 911' to which she screamed 'I'M SO F*CKING SORRY FOR WANTING TO SEND YOU SOMETHING SEXY! THAT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!'. Me and my friend had to contain our laughter. - cccantyousee


Walking through a mall while in high school, a woman walking with her husband (I assumed), told him “what you’ve done is worse than mass murder.' I’ve thought about this for a long time. - BartholomewBandy


Went to a wedding which my roommate’s girlfriend also attended (without my roommate). She introduced her fiancé (a different man) to a group of people without realizing I was nearby. - hittinlicks247


“That’s so stupid, how does someone drown underwater?” - Selloutsoul94


'Tell me, if earth is spinning why my front door is always facing east' - SuvenPan


People behind us at a diner were clearly an emotive former exotic dancer with a complicated past apologizing to her date, who left the priesthood for her, that she was still in love with her abusive ex.

She was very wound up and trauma-dumping for an hour with him saying almost nothing. At one point she said, “you must hate me so much.” He calmly replied, with a little bit of a southern accent, “Darlin,’ I’m about ten minutes past hatin’ you.” - heynatastic


DON'T TALK TO ME! I'M F*CKING BOWLING! It was a married couple on a date night in the alley next to me and my then boyfriend/ now husband. 25 years later if concentrating and the other talks we will still bust out with a 'I'm f*cking bowling!' - DiligentAdvantage475


I’m a bartender. I’ve heard some wild ones. Two of my favorite. “As hard as of tried this week I still haven’t managed to cheat on my girlfriend.'

Girl to other girl: “ do you think I should shower before I go over there? I reached in my pants earlier and it smelled like oysters” - Kibblesndicks


I overlooked someone breaking up their marriage of 15 years over Whatsapp. It was surreal. I could see the guy's messages coming in and he was going crazy. - Starlin_Q


I drove for Uber. Two lawyers talking about how corrupt our judicial system is. - sao_joao_castanho


A lady thought she was an experiment created in the Mayo Clinic lab. She said she had no parents and was the first of her kind. The entire conversation was completely bizarre. - alightfeather


I used to work at Disneyland. There was one time backstage, I walked past Belle and Cruella in full costume. Belle was yelling at Cruella. “You’re a f*cking b*tch,” never sounded so weird. - livinghapa


Overheard with no context at the bar: ‘the snake blood was ok, it just tasted like human blood.’ - carcinoma_kid


Standing in line behind a couple at a restaurant waiting to be seated…

Guy: Oh, so you’ll never believe who I got an email from…

Girl: Oh yeah, who?

Guy, smirking, happy: From the old place, it was about the compost and…

Girl: Look I just… I just can’t, okay? I can’t get into that again. Not again.

I want to know what happened with the compost at their old place SO. BADLY. - icecreammandrake


I work at a restaurant, and one time I was bringing the food out to this table of 4 women, all approximately in their 50s-60s, just in time to hear one say to the others “so I decided to go with an as*play theme” - captaincavalrycam


Some lady standing at the deli counter at a Kroger in Ohio screaming into her phone, 'NASA LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING!' - LivingInPugtopia


'I heard he has an 11 inch d*ck, but it always smells like cottage cheese.' -two girls sitting in front of me in high school math class - vonkeswick

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