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22 people share the worst thing the pandemic stole from society.

22 people share the worst thing the pandemic stole from society.


The pandemic is kind of over because we've all gotten used to living under the threat of covid. The first two years were awful for many people, and its impact is still felt today. People share the thing that the pandemic ruined the most on a popular Reddit thread.

1. XTVSteveYT says:

This might be local, but where I live, a SH*T ton of businesses closed. I mean, half of them were closed. Not just because of the shutdown, they were closed permanently.

2.randomredditor0042 says:

The health system is wrecked. Way too many nurses got burnt out and left the profession.

3. cool69 says:

Independent/smaller/DIY music venues never really recovered.

4. pallaime says:

People's driving is so out of wack. My only concern is to make it home in one piece.

5. goblinking_157 says:

People seem so much sh*ttier in large-group public situations now. I don't know what it is, but etiquette in places like a movie theater used to be standard, but every experience I've had lately has been horrible. People talking, sitting there on their phones, and other just generally bad things.

I've heard the same about concerts, but haven't been to as many myself. I've heard from others where people used to be polite (help each other up in pits and stuff and so on) they now don't give a f*ck. It's like people are just ruder now for some reason. I'm interested to know if this is happening everywhere or if I live in a sh*tty rude a** place.

6. Buckus93 says:

Young people's desire to go into healthcare. We won't realize it for a generation, but healthcare in America was already chronically understaffed. The pandemic burning out medical professionals and discouraging young people from going into healthcare is going to hurt the quality of healthcare, not only in the United States but other hard-hit countries, too.

7. theredeyedwarf says:

I went to go get Taco Bell at 10:00 and it was closed.

8. No_Bodybuilder8055 says:

My social/work life, after living like a hermit for two years and working from home, it's taking me a long time to go out like before.

9. No-Sir-3018 says:

Any 24/7 business is just a memory…

10. ANiceDent says:

The cost of living is pretty f*cked

11. Throwaway324580 says:

Time perception — 2019 was 3 (soon to be 4) years ago?

12. fearthestorm says:

Night shift people's lives. Nothing is ever open late anymore.

13. MobWife_88 says:

'essential' versus 'non-essential' employees, better known as those who HAD to show up physically in person and those allowed to stay home. Biggest division in the workplace. Mentally it will never be the same in the workplace.

14. xensiz says:

It feels like it’s a more ‘to each their own sense of living. People don’t appear to be as connected as before the pandemic.

15. Shandangles7 says:

The used car market is completely f*cked, as are flight prices.

16. llamaddramaa says:

As a teacher, I can say that it’s affected kids in a way people don’t realize. Kids who had their first year of school (or even second) during the pandemic act quite differently than kids who had a normal introduction to school. Many of them seem to have fewer social skills and higher anxiety than kids from previous years.

17. F*kinSpiders says:

Price of eating out

18. lettherebeme says:

It ruined traffic, for one glorious year. As an 'essential worker,' I had the roads almost entirely to myself. It was beautiful.

19. Sanctus5150 says:

No school on snow days

20. KindredSpirit24 says:

My perception of money. I worked hard to pay off debt, save for a new house, and get promotions. With the rise of housing costs and inflation, I feel like money is a made-up thing, and I have no control over anything, even with all the right decisions.

21. Champaign_Supernova says:

I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but my perception of time hasn't returned to normal since then.

22. staffsargent says:

Children's education, mental health, coping skills, and socialization. My wife is an elementary educator, and it's shocking how far kids have regressed during the pandemic. By almost every measure, this generation of kids is in big trouble. I'm optimistic that the trend will right itself over time, but it's really sad to see.

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