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10 confessions from stay at home moms who dared to speak the truth.

10 confessions from stay at home moms who dared to speak the truth.


It's hard being a stay at home mom, and sometimes no one has the guts to give you the credit you deserve. These ten moms had the courage to tell the internet how they REALLY feel about being stay at home moms. Check out these ten confessions from these brave women!

1. This stay at home mom does NOT want a third child.

ambinwin11 confesses:

Obviously this is a decision I need to make with my husband 😆 But I thought I’d ask how others made the decision to go from 2 kids to 3. Has anyone chose to not have the 3rd kid?

We have two boys, a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old. Right now I can’t fathom adding more to my plate. I'm so exhausted and the idea of being pregnant again makes me so sad.

I honestly don’t understand how mothers ever get time back to yourself... like when the kids are all in school maybe?? Anyway we are thinking about having a third but waiting possibly 3 years. I’m hoping that would put enough age difference between these two and that one so I won’t feel overwhelmed....

2. This SAHM love her kids but is so so bored staying alone with them all day.

agirlwhothinks confesses:

I love them( 4 year and 1 year old) the most in this entire world and I know it is such a privilege to have children in the first place. But staying at home all day with them is so boring.

I just watch tv all day and let them do the same. It is so difficult for me to have a conversation with them( I am an introvert and a person of very few words).

I have no motivation to play with them and then at the end of the day I feel like such a bad mom. I dont know how to get out of this rut.

3. This stay at home mom is upset that her son 'destroys' her house all day.

untiltheendoftheline writes:

I have a 2.5 year old. He is great, but extremely high energy, doesn't listen, destroys my house, etc. (To be honest, we are in the process of checking him out for either sensory issues or maybe ADD).

I legitimately don't know what to do all day. If I don't have the tv on for him, he will break everything in our apartment. Not out of anger, just running around all day and climbing furniture or not understanding his own strength.

He never naps, never sits down, doesn't play with a toy, just sort of lines them up and then goes to the next toy. And in all honesty, once we finally gave in and let him watch TV, he calmed the hell down.

It's the only time I have to breathe, go to the bathroom alone (for once), wash dishes, make dinner, or any other crap I have to do. I hate it. And I hate myself for hating it.

4. This stay at home mom is extremely paranoid about daycare and never wants to go back to work.

weirdfishes confesses:

Had my baby girl and I never want to work again. I've been so paranoid about her getting kidnapped from a daycare or that she's going to be terrified/traumatized that she's not with me or feel abandoned!

Husband and I have talked about the budgeting we'll have to do to make being a SAHM work, and even with cutting costs on everything it'll still be tough.

I'll have to return my leased car and hopefully get into something cheaper, and we're working on lowering some other bills. I already feel so guilty for putting all of this on him. I'm worried that it's going to weigh him down mentally and take a toll.

If I go back to work, we'll be able to afford bills without issue, and get into a better house next year, but I'll feel like an awful mother and miss out on this precious time with my baby and I'll have anxiety about being away from her.

WHAT DO I DOOOO?! I just want to scream 😫

5. This stay at home mom is losing her sense of self and sanity.

vansmey writes:

As days go by I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into a deep depression. I couldn’t understand why I was depressed, I have anything and everything I will ever need and want so why am I so depressed? I was loving life one minute to crying while the baby naps.

6. This stay at home mom is so over her career and giving it up entirely.

veronica27 writes:

I currently run a successful esthetics (facials, waxing) business and have for almost three years. Ever since I had my son last July I’ve dreamed of being a SAHM. I work only three days a week now but am just not passionate about the career anymore.

My main focus is my son now whereas before having him all of my extra time, money, effort went into the business. We are now at a point in life where it’s financially possible for me to stay home. Should I feel guilty??

7. This stay at home mom had a really hard pregnancy and feels like she's super lazy.

ccHink writes:

My most recent pregnancy was really hard on me. I was sick the entire time and in a lot of pain for most of it. So I got used to laying on the couch and binging netflix all day.

I would still take care of my 3 year old, make and feed him meals and put him down for naps/bed time but other than that I did most of my parenting from the couch.

Now that our baby is here I'm feeling much better but I still seem to be doing the bare minimum. Things are hard with a six week old baby, but she is such a good baby I know that I could be doing more.

I should be cleaning or playing with my toddler or exercising. I should be reading or baking or something else I enjoy. I go to bed feeling so horrible about myself because I basically did nothing all day except keep the kids alive.

8. This stay at home mom lives in squalor.

somewhat4994 writes:

Anyone else has a feeling their house is a mess? Today I spend the day cleaning and I see no result. It’s like I strat doing one room and the kida and husband ruin the rest of the house.

Then in the evening ruin the one room I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing. I can’t anymore it feels hopeless. My kids arr 6 and 8 years old. How often do you ladies mop and hoover? Wipe your sinks? Bathroom? I feel I am doing a big cleaning every day and 0 result ;(

9. This stay at home mom is the happiest she's ever been!

sunitime writes:

I just need somewhere to gush over how awesome it is to stay at home with my little 4 month baby. I can’t really talk about how happy I am in real life, because everyone assumes I should be miserable, sleep deprived and chomping at the bit to go back to work.

Screw that. This is the happiest and most fulfilled I’ve ever been! My house has never been so tidy, I’ve never cooked so many homemade Instant Pot chilis, I’ve never been on top of my bills and finances so much as I have since my daughter was born.

It’s like all of a sudden my life has meaning and gives me motivation to do things. It’s amazing.

10. This stay at home mom (to be) cannot wait to be done with her anxiety inducing career.

awertykumbaya78 writes:

I’m 23 years old and cannot wait to be a SAHM. My job makes me want to throw up from anxiety while simultaneously boring me to sleep.

I work at a pretty competitive consulting firm in the DC area and am absolutely not cut out for this office life. I worked as a nanny for 2 littles under three after graduating college, but before I got this position, and was happy as a clam with them for 12 hours a day....

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