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15 women share the weirdest pregnancy cravings they've ever had.

15 women share the weirdest pregnancy cravings they've ever had.


We all hear about pregnancy cravings, but these 15 women took to the internet to share some SUPER weird ones. See if you can relate!


My first pregnancy I was a fiend for Cheerios with milk. Second I wanted fruit smoothies all the time. This time around I want everything.

Chicken corn chowder, movie theatre popcorn with extra butter, cheese sandwich with chocolate milk 😋 good thing my nausea keeps me in check or I’d be as big as a house. What are y’all craving? - froglegs87


Currently obsessed with meatloaf. Husband came down to the kitchen at 11pm and was like 'wtf are you doing' and I was like 'I am making a meatloaf'. That and insane amounts of strawberry ice cream. - Noluck556


Unripe mango dipped in soy sauce - mimithoughts


I craved fruit with salt. Watermelon, lime, pineapple, apple, etc. I wanted to eat that every day. Also sour cream- I wanted it on tons of things. Once I found myself nibbling on pickles with sour cream as a midnight snack -magicaftercoffee


I made my husband go on an epic trek with me last night across town to get specific mashed potatoes. He happily agreed when I said “cmon this is what you tell your kids about being pregnant with them later in life!”

But mostly apples with almond butter, clementines, and tacos. -idunnoyouudunnome


Bagels with cream cheese (blueberry lemon or strawberry cream cheese - pumpkin was a 3rd in my rotation but I burned myself out on all things pumpkin).

This has been my most consistent craving the whole pregnancy. Cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen of all places. Ice cream -saltbutton


Pregnancy is weird. I wanted so bad to just chew cardboard during my last pregnancy. I would literally fantasize about it. Did I? NO. -tootsiemcjingle


I wanted to burn matches and then eat them. I remember crying because I knew I couldn't do it but omg -scatol92


Mine was sand. I don't know why. I chewed on salt because the cravings were so strong and the texture of salt is similar. I also craved ice like crazy! I ate ice chips all day every day.

And, yes, I was anemic while pregnant. Not severely, but enough that it triggered those odd cravings I guess. -epicbrunch83


I’m currently pregnant w twins and experienced the same thing! Loooooved the smell of Lysol wipes, suuuuuuuper low iron lol (was also falling asleep while driving and showering). Couple of iron transfusions later and I’m just fine! -flunderfoo12


Mine was rubber. Sometimes when I was at Walmart buying groceries, I would go to the tire aisle and just enjoy the smell of new tires....pregnancy is really weird -mamaquest


So when I was pregnant with my son I had two “cravings” - ice (no my iron wasn’t low) and smelling commercial freezers at the grocery store. My husband would take me there and I would just sniff. It’s weird, I know that, but it also wasn’t harmful.

During this second pregnancy I’ve been craving red bull like an absolute maniac but haven’t had one because I understand it’s probably not good for the little babe. This woman should def talk to her doctor lol -uncomfortabletabletomatox


I wanted to eat sponges. There was nothing wrong with me. Just craved sponges. So weird. -legoblockxx


I literally wanted to eat oxy clean, my mouth would water when I was pregnant, I also had extremely low iron. Stop having the cravings when I got iron infusions -termjealous992


I cried more than once over not being able to eat goat milk soaps. -enzymlinkedimmuno

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