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Dad forbids 15 yo daughter from running track until she 'covers up.'

Dad forbids 15 yo daughter from running track until she 'covers up.'


I(43m) have 2 daughters for privacy reasons we'll call them K and T. This is about my youngest daughter K(15F). She started doing Cross country and Track and field last year and is starting her first high school season.

The thing is K likes to wear revealing clothing, she's 143 pounds and 4ft 10in, and has no problem showing off her stomach. She Like crop tops, short shorts, really ripped jeans, etc.

During her middle school track season, she got a stress fracture and had to be in a medical boot for 2 months. This upset her because it meant she would miss out on running cross country since they started conditioning in June.

After she got her boot off in mid-July she started working out on her own to prepare for indoor track season.

She began practicing a week ago, but the problem is that 2 days ago I was driving to pick her up when I pulled up I noticed she was wearing only a sports bra and shorts.

When I started driving I asked her about it. She told me that 'It's too hot and I'll cover up when it gets colder.' I got upset since I didn't want her dressing in such revealing clothes. I told her if she wants t keep running she's gonna have to start putting some clothes on.

She got upset and put her headphones in and ignored me for the past 2 days. My wife is telling me I was wrong since it does get really hot in the afternoon and is telling me to 'Let the girl be.'

Her mom is telling me that there's nothing wrong with sports bras and shorts since it's not during school hours and she won't get dress coded for it. So I'm wondering Am I the asshole

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Grimlocklou says:

YTA. What does her height and weight have to do with this? Besides that this is completely normal and absolutely nothing wrong with it. Change your ways and judgement more before you cause her to have a body issue complex.

thatshowitgoes2189 says:

Any parent who knows their child’s exact weight is a weirdo. It’s the 143 for me that really was the icing on the cake. I don’t know anyone’s weight but my own. I can guesstimate for people but that’s about it.

madelinegumbo says:

YTA. That's normal running clothes, please join 2022 where your daughter isn't sexual property to be covered until you hand her off to a husband.

RemarkableMousse6950 says:

Yes, YTA this is what cross country teams wear. It’s not sexual. Do you have an objection to boys on the team who run without their shirts?

Lord_Kano says:

Mild YTA. I'm the father of two teenage daughters as well and I don't want them to dress wearing revealing clothes either, so I understand where you're coming from but this is a sport. She needs to remain cool and comfortable.

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