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16 people share the worst example of 'helicopter parenting' they ever witnessed.

16 people share the worst example of 'helicopter parenting' they ever witnessed.


Parents who never seem to cut the cord even when their kids are fully grown, tax-paying citizens with children of their own, can be an over-bearingly irritating crew...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the worst case of 'helicopter parenting' you've seen?' people were ready to reveal their most cringe-inducing examples.


Working summer orientation for my old community college and we have new students register for classes towards the end of the session. Counselors are there to help with class selection.

This one mom was literally hovering over her son telling him which classes to choose, and completely ignoring the counselor's advice, when she had him stand up. She proceeded to sit down and she herself started registering her son for his classes.

I tried to intervene, letting her know that we ask that the student register themselves, and that he'll be doing online registration for the rest of his college career. I was told to f**k off.

Later I pulled him aside and told him to change his password and swap into a class more appropriate for his placement exams. It was this incident that triggered us to design a parent orientation to keep them away from their kids. Welcome to adulthood lil bro! - SilverFHorn


My son told me about this one. 5th grade overnight trip to nature center. Kids mom went (was only parent, that wasn't a teacher, to go), had a complete meltdown when she was told that her kid would be sleeping in cabin with other kids and not her...she was told this before trip as well.

Four teachers per cabin, basically overnight school. He said she basically spent the entire night outside watching the cabin, really creeped everyone out, man the rants she went on least her friends and family called her out on her nonsense, imagine quite a few people got blocked that day. - Drifter74


Ugh this one kid I knew from elementary-high school. The mom didn't have a job and somehow managed to be at his school EVERY SINGLE DAY, watching over him. In elementary she was a volunteer Teacher's Aid every year which meant she would help out in whatever class he was in.

By middle school, she was the head of the PTA and although not necessary she was at the campus almost every day. She would just wander around and eventually, the school stopped caring and she could do whatever she wants. She would randomly pop into one of his classes and just observe or come up to him to hangout with him at lunch.

The kid was 24/7 stressed the hell out, his whole body always clenched up. His mom put IMMENSE pressure on him to do well in school both academically and behavior wise.

He had an extremely hard time making friends and eventually he was bullied to the point of randomly getting beat up. Made it to the first year of high school before he had to transfer to another school.

It's her fault, all she wanted was for him to be smart and polite to teachers and he never got to learn how to just be a guy and make friends. - Dionysus19


My aunt never let my cousins have any kind of sugar or candy. She told then that it was poison and tasted nasty. One time while our grandma was babysitting them (they were 6) she let them have 1 capri sun each. They loved it, saying 'grammy, sugar actually tastes GOOD' and threw up shorty after because their stomachs could not handle it. - dingusfunk


A kid at my community college had a mom that would sit in the parking lot and wait between classes. I knew because once he offered for me to ride with his mom to the other side of campus (it wasn’t that big of a place). Poor kid, just thought it was normal and nice. - Bangbangsmashsmash


Buddy of mine is 20, and has to ask for his parents permission to do ANYTHING, a couple of friends and I were planning to go to the beach and we asked if he could drive and pick up one of the guys because he was closest.

He showed up with his mom, who picked up the friend and showed up to the beach with us... Beers had to stay in the cooler and the cooler had to stay in my car 1/10 beach experience. - Barrowbro


My mom expects a call letting her know if i leave the house, where i'm going, etc. She flips out if i dont answer 2 calls in a row. Im not allowed to hang out with anybody, even family, without her approval.

Fun facts:

I am 29.

I am married with kids.

I live an hour away from her in my own house with my own truck. She also told me I am not allowed to have any more kids, as I developed preeclampsia with my youngest and it scared her. I follow exactly zero of these rules, but she persists. - OnceUponWTF


A friend's parents are hypercontrolling. He was on a date and sister called the parents because she was filling out the FAFSA, but was stuck. Instead of saying 'call your brother' Mom drove 2 1/2 hours to their college town, tracked him down on his date, and then brought him (but not the date) to the sister's apartment to do it for her.

Mom also came to the town when the sister said she saw his motorcycle parked in front of someone's house after dark. It was not his motorcycle. It was just another shiny red motorcycle. The helicopter parent seemed to have influenced a helicopter sister. - gore_schach


Dude came in to talk about his son's test scores. The son was in my second year university course, and the dad was a prof in the subject I was teaching who thought I was hard on his son.

We reviewed the midterm together, in the end I gave the kid back one mark so he went from like a 73 to a 74%...Seriously cannot imagine what it was like for that kid going up. - billbapapa


My best friend's mom. They live 10 minutes away from me, and my friend is REALLY bad with directions. He drove to my house, and got lost, so it took him like 45 minutes. After like 30 minutes his mom calls me and is sobbing because he hadn't checked in with her. He's 26. - drunktacos


In college, a girl's mom stayed in her room with her the first week of our freshman year. Went to classes with her, ate with her and attended our dorm meeting, introducing herself as 'Crystal's Mommy'.

She finally went home, and Crystal had obviously never learned to do anything on her own. Her roommate dated a guy in my floor and would tell us about her daily, multiple calls home. She didn't know how to do laundry so mommy paid roommate to do it for her.

By mid term, Crystal was failing all her classes and had basically just given up going to class as it was 'too hard'. Again mommy shows up, stays two weeks, talks to her professors then pulled her out of school. I'm curious what she's doing now, hopefully she broke out on her own and gained some Independence. - FrankieFillibuster


Was eating at the local all you can eat cheap pizza buffet during college with friends. Overhear a conversation between a son and his mother where she was upset he wanted to go to said college because it was promoting drug use. By having Tylenol available to buy in the student store. - archerv123


This is my sister's experience but she taught Kindergarten for awhile and she had a kid who's mother wouldn't let her play outside if it was below 70 degrees and told the school she was allergic to dairy but then admitted she lied about that.

She 'couldn't trust that the school wouldn't serve her spoiled milk' so she thought it would be easier to just say she was allergic. Also the kid was coincidentally sick and had to stay home from school on every single field trip. - [deleted]


I'm in college, living off campus with my 20 year old roomate. She has to be in contact with her mom every single day. If she doesn't answer within a few hours, her mom gets extremely anxious about where she is and what she's doing. Her mom has called me more than once to see where she is.

Usually, I'm within 40 feet of my roomate and she's just doing homework or watching cable. It's ridiculous that she's being monitored like a hawk when she's an adult. - sculptedmind


A mom came with her kid to whine about a (deserved) poor grade. The 'kid' was a junior in college. Mom was not happy when I informed her I couldn't and wouldn't talk to parents. And by 'not happy' I mean 'lost her sh*t and was escorted out by campus security'.

The student was mortified of course, even came by to apologize and I was basically like 'let's both just pretend that never happened, m'kay, here's what you should work on for the next exam.' - InannasPocket


While working at new student orientation in college, I was told a story from a previous year. The parents who attended orientation were housed separately from the students.

One mom wanted to stay with her daughter, and took the bed of another student. The mom told the student she can find somewhere else to sleep. The student, not knowing what to do, ended up sleeping in a chair in the common area of the dorm. - TrulyGoofy

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