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19 yo stepson slaps stepmom at his birthday party; claims, 'it was self defense.' AITA?

19 yo stepson slaps stepmom at his birthday party; claims, 'it was self defense.' AITA?


When this 19 yo boy slaps his stepmom, he asks Reddit:

"AITAH for slapping my Stepmother?"

To add this is my first time writing so please be kind. Also English is not my first language. I was told by a friend to write and see the peoples reaction. I'm m(19) and I have a older brother (23) around four years ago my father(42) got married my stepmother(35) after leaving my mother(41).

My mother is french and my father is from America after five months of leaving my mother, my father start to date my stepmother and a couple months later they got married.

My stepmother has two children a boy Henry(13) and a daughter Hannah(8), my relationship with my stepmother isn't great but we agree on somethings, the incident happen a five weeks ago when I was celebrating my nineteen birthday.

As guests started to arrive and to the party started, it was time to blow out the candles before I could have done that my mother came in the country to surprise me along she brought a gold bracelet with my name and my horoscope sign engraved onto it.

My stepsister saw the bracelet and immediately wanted it but my stepmother told her no "noted she has an habitat of wanting and taking things that didn't belong to her and her mother encougure her behavior, I spoke to my father about it and I even threaten him that I would move to France and live with my mother if it didn't stop".

After blowing out the candles she came up to me and ask for it I told her no but I was stupid and left it on the table with the other gifts, later into the night I heard my mother shouting I when to see what was happened it was my mother and my stepmother arguing and behind my stepmother was my stepsister with the bracelet around her hand.

A moment later my father came and try to clam both of them down, as both me and my mother pointed out that my stepsister took the bracelet even after I told her no my father told my stepsister to hand it over but she threw a tantrum.

Tried running away but I grab her hand and pulling the bracelet off in flash of a second my stepmother push and slaped me for grabbing her daughter "I would admit that when I grab my her I did squeeze her tightly".

In the heat of the moment I slap back my stepmother as my father yelled at me for hitting my stepmother soon after basically everyone had heard the commotion while my stepmother cried at the top of her lungs and saying that I slap her, my stepbrother started to argue but soon clam down after my brother and couple cousin on my father side spoke to him.

I left the party with my mother and brother I spent a two days at my mothers hotel before she left, when I got home back my stepmother and her children didn't say a word to me only throwing hints at me and father hardly spoke to me due to me not apologizing but a week after the incident I started to get texts and calls from my...

Stepmother family saying how I'm a horrible persons for hitting my stepmother it got annoying and I complained to my father but he hasn't told my stepmother anything to my known and they start sending photos of me that they edited and wrote "Woman Beater" which causes me to delete my social media accounts and create different ones.

I know hitting women is wrong and I don't encourage it but in my point of view she hit my first and I got angry but I'm considering apologizing to her and getting over the entire issue but what should I do and I looking forward to spending the holidays with my mother. But I would keep y'all up with and updates so AITAH?

Let's see what readers thought.

cookies2 writes:

Honestly, NTA. You reacted in self-defense. The first and only time I slapped my mother was when she slapped me across the face. It was an instinctual reaction and response. She shouldn’t have hit you. You didn’t hurt her daughter by grabbing her, she threw a fit because she doesn’t know the word “no”.

Biggest point here: your dad didn’t choose you. He chose his wife and her kids. Move to France if you have the opportunity.

brandefense writes:

Y are an AH to yourself for not keeping your composure. You should work on your impulses. A man should never hit a woman.... but a woman should never hit a man either. Two wrongs dont make a right.

This is having a major effect on your life and now you are going to have to bear the consequences. And your mother was in the room so you should've let her handle your stepmother.

You should definitely get out of there. Mental health is important. Enjoy your holiday with your mother.....see how you feel when it's time e to go home. Follow THAT energy. If you dread it....stay or go get an apartment somewhere else. But do what you have to do for you and your peace but don't lose yourself in the process.

Jury's out on this one. What do YOU think?

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