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'AITA for labeling all the bottles in the house because my adult children are idiots?'

'AITA for labeling all the bottles in the house because my adult children are idiots?'


'AITA for labeling all the bottles in the house because my adult children are idiots?'

I have two of my children living with me. One has graduated from college and the other is a junior. I have to purchase medicated shampoo because of a scalp condition. It is by prescription and it is expensive. it also comes in packaging that is meant to be stored upright. Not on its side and definitely not upside down.

My daughter has her hair products in the shower and I do not touch them. My son also keeps his AXE body wash/shampoo/conditioner/woman repellent in the shower. I also do not touch it since I have zero desire to smell like a high school locker room.

I keep my shampoo in there as well since it is my house and I can keep my sh*t wherever I want.

For some reason the two of them cannot understand that not all packaging is meant to be upside down. They have already wasted an entire bottle of my shampoo by storing it upside down after they touched it for some reason. It all dripped out the spout which is not engineered for that.

I talked to both of them and I explained that they should not touch my stuff and that if they accidentally tip over my shampoo it was meant to be stored with the lid at the top. I came home last week to find my shampoo leaking out of the bottle again. UPSIDE DOWN.

I ordered 500 stickers that say 'this side up' with an arrow pointing upwards when the words are upright and I put them on everything in the house that might leak. with my shampoo being literally covered in them.

They had friends over last weekend and they noticed that the relish, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. were all labeled.

My kids were embarrassed when they explained why. They think I am an a**hole for putting labels on everything since they only f**k with my shampoo. Since it is $80 a bottle I said I would take off all the labels if they agree to pay for my shampoo. Thus far they have declined.

Conversation with OP:

Busy_Squirrel_5972 asks:

Info : have you never had any authority over your kids ? You call your son woman repeller and you expect respect from him ?

Unusual-Peace6878 OP responded:

Are you drunk?

Maddie215 says:

Overreaction. Label the shampoo and be done with it.

Unusual-Peace6878 OP responded:

Why take any chances?

International_Set522 says:

NTA. My kids are the same way. Your kids can either learn to leave your stuff alone, put it back the way it was, pay for your medication, or deal with the labels. There are several reasonable choices there.

Unusual-Peace6878 OP responded:

Thank you

Here's how people judged OP:

Tessa_Kamoda writes:

NTA. 'AXE body wash/shampoo/conditioner/woman repellent.' thanks for the laugh, i needed it.

PhoebeH98 writes:

NTA about anything whatsoever. The kids wouldn’t be embarrassed if they hadn’t been so disrespectful towards you, your property and your requests in your own home. I would honestly make them pay to replace the bottle they wasted and the next if they keep doing it. And find out if they’re using it for some reason?

That’ll tear through it much faster if they are and again, be wasting your money for no reason. They’re being rather disrespectful here. They’re not angsty rude pre-pubescent teenagers, they’re adults.

Serious-Accident-796 writes:

I mean this guy sounds like a pretty f**king nice dad if his kids think this is the threshold for being an a**hole lol

Grand-Corner1030 writes:

NTA. That's awesome and hilarious. Its a genius solution to a problem; thank you for making me smile.

Correct_Nose7842 writes:

I think NTA, they’re both too old to be doing stuff like that honestly. That’s the sort of disregard I would show for my parents’ stuff when I was like, 13 maybe? Your measures were extreme but if the embarrassment is enough to make them change their ways, I say fair game.

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