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'AITA for leaving my toddler with my sister against her will, resulting in a trip to the ER?'

'AITA for leaving my toddler with my sister against her will, resulting in a trip to the ER?'


"AITA for leaving my toddler with my 'childfree' sister for a few minutes, resulting in a trip to the emergency room?"

Here's the original post:

I (18f) have a 2 year old daughter who lives with me and her father (18m), but spends two day times a week with my mom so that I can run errands (such as going to the doctors, doing the food shopping, cleaning the house, etc) and because my mom loves to spend time with my daughter.

My 27 year old sister was visiting my mom's house for the week from out of town. My sister and I have never really got on, when I got pregnant she thought it was the worst thing ever, and insists that children ruin your life and thinks I force my daughter on my mom (despite my mom saying otherwise).

So, when I went to drop my daughter off with my mother at around 11am like usual, I was shocked to find my sister there alone. I asked her where my mom was, and she said my mother had gone to the shop and would be home within a few minutes.

My sister has always been very dismissive of me, she hates talking to me and will do anything to shorten the conversation, which is why I think this happened. I huffed because I was catching the bus into town to go the doctors, and it left in a few minutes.

My sister rolled her eyes. I asked her if there's any way she would have my daughter for a few minutes just until mom came back, she had just woken up from a nap (she always sleeps in her stroller) so she would be happy to just sit on the sofa and watch TV until mom came back. My sister said 'absolutely not, I hate children and I don't feel comfortable being alone with her'.

Now, I completely understood this and I think she was very clear in saying she didn't want to. I called mom on the doorstep and she said she was just leaving the store now, so she would be max five minutes. My sister rolled her eyes and said 'Fine, I'll take her', and she took the baby out of the stroller. I was in a rush and thought my sister would be able to cope for five minutes.

I didn't even think it would be a matter of 'coping' because it was such a short amount of time and the kid was tired. So I left, and went for the bus. Literally five minutes later I get a call from my mom that they're taking my kid to the ER because she cracked her head open on the living room table.

Apparently my sister had left the room for a couple minutes and my daughter wondered where she was going as she is never alone, so she tried to get off the sofa to follow her, and she slipped and whacked her head.

I am absolutely raging at my sister. I don't get how she could be so stupid to leave a kid alone. She argues that I 'emotionally manipulated' her into babysitting, which I feel I didn't. She says she thought it would be fine to leave the kid while she made a cup of coffee, but I feel like it's common sense not to leave a kid on their own for more than like two seconds. AITA?

SqueaksBCOD said:

YTA. your mom also sucks, but you are mom, and you get the brunt of caring for your kid. You should have made sure whoever is watching your child knows your child and your parenting expectations.

Based on your post I would have thought she would be fine on the couch as well... you literally said she would be happy to just sit and watch TV. That to me implies she is fine to leave alone to make tea. Clearly that was not the case.

You know your sister is not a kid person, you really should not have assumed anything about what she would and would now is ok. If your expectations were for her to not leave the room, you should have made it clear.

Had you not been "raging" at your sister I may have gone with everyone sucks, but to get mad at her for doing you a favor, that she clearly indicated she did not want to do when all she did was fail to be psychic is frankly bullshit and makes you the asshole.

[deleted] said:

"My sister said 'absolutely not, I hate children and I don't feel comfortable being alone with her'." This makes YTA 100%, before the accident and after. I see you and others calling your sister stupid in other replies. I disagree.

You know what's stupid? Leaving your child with someone who literally says they don't want to be responsible for her. You forced your sister into taking responsibility so you could catch your bus. Plan better, you created this problem. Your mother messed up for not being there when you arrived as well.

KarmaG12 said:

You never leave your child alone at all, ever, and she’s two? You’re setting her and yourself up for serious case of separation anxiety in the future. It’s ridiculous that your sister is expected be attached at the hip to your child like that. YTA.

centuryblessings said:

So your sister hates kids. Your sister also doesn't seem to like you very much, and has openly expressed her contempt towards your pregnancy. Your sister also told you directly that she didn't feel comfortable being left with your daughter.

And yet you, the parent, still made the choice to leave your baby with someone you know you shouldn't trust with your baby. YTA. You You should have waited until your mom got back.

Verdict: YTA. Do you agree?

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