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'AITA for locking my son out of the house for bullying my daughter?' UPDATED

'AITA for locking my son out of the house for bullying my daughter?' UPDATED


"AITA for locking my son out of the house for bullying my daughter?"

Here's the original post:

MY SON AND DAUGHTER ARE 18. My son has been bullying his sister lately. Apparently he overheard her talking about getting a boob job. She says she was not even serious about getting her boobs done not that it matters. Since then my son keeps teasing her about it. He calls her nicknames like flat, lil tits, and pancake chest. He sent her a picture of an A cup bra. She wears C cup bras.

I told him and had talks with him multiple times about how he needs to stop making fun of her boobs. It embarrasses his sister, she always gets upset, and I can tell it makes her feel insecure about them. She used to sometimes wear sports bras and tank tops around the house but stopped for a while.

My son stopped for a couple of weeks and she started dressing more usual for her at home. My son made fun of her when she had a shirt on or tank top/sports bra it didn't really change his behavior either way.

Me and my daughter were standing at the door when my son had arrived. My daughter was wearing a sports bra and no shirt over it. While he was walking through the porch he said to his sister that she would have to wear nothing but two post it notes on her chest to show even a little bit of cleavage.

When he said that I slammed the door and locked it. I said he was not welcome in here. I wanted to make sure my daughter was ok, and protect her from his comments for a few hours before letting him in. He sat in his car.

When my wife got home we let him in. My wife was very angry at me for locking my son out even after explaining what happened. My wife said I am overreacting to "sibling teasing".

I thought my wife would be on my side since not only does she obviously have tits too, but she used to struggle with her body image. My daughter just called me a good dad. I have been calling her beautiful sometimes too to try to help (non physical compliments too of course!).

Do you think this dad was "overreacting" by locking his son out of the house? This is what top commenters had to say:

daenerysstargaryen said:

NTA. your son is acting like a total jackass and basically sexually harassing your daughter. good on you for standing up for her. the only issue would be if you were putting him in actual danger and it sounds like you weren't.

maggienetism said:

NTA. His obsession with teasing and shaming her about her breasts is creepy and incredibly inappropriate and both you and your daughter have repeatedly asked him to stop & it's clearly messing with her. You guys need to sit down with your wife and have a talk and then figure out what to do about your son. If he's this comfortable harassing his sister, he's probably harassing other women too.

jasonm82299 said:

Honestly it sounds like he's obsessed with her boobs or something and that's disgusting since it's his sister. Also you should reinforce the fact that a C cup isn't small and that when she finds the person that matters the most to her they aren't going to care about something so shallow and trivial as her boob size.

partofyourworld180 said:

NTA- Yikes, the brother is talking about his sister's breasts? Gag. Props to you being a good dad. Take your son's car or phone away too.

CMSkye said:

Your son is a creep for making comments about his sister’s breasts. Your son is a bully for continuing to do so particularly because he knows it upsets her. Your wife is allowing it to happen by minimizing it by calling it sibling teasing. Your wife should be ashamed. You are NTA. Your wife and son are AHs.

couch_potata said:

NTA. He’s such a dick. You and your wife just have different opinions. But I think having to sit in the car for a couple hours is no big deal. And definitely barely a punishment. But honestly at this age and with his behavior there isn’t much you can do. Be nice or leave is a valid philosophy.

Verdict: absolutely, unquestionably NTA.

He later shared this update on the situation:

Me and my wife agreed to take our son's car keys and phone away until he apologizes to his sister, drops the demeaning comments, and treats his sister (and everyone) with respect for a month.

After the month, if he disrespects her again we will reinstate the punishment and consider kicking him out. We asked him why he thinks its ok to talk about his sister's boobs and he didn't have an answer. I asked him why he is so interested in his sister's tits and he got embarrassed. Me and my wife had a talk with our daughter about how she is perfect and beautiful the way she is.

I told her men love C cups and are not picky with boobs, C Cup is not small, most women seem to wish they were C Cup, if she had bigger boobs it could cause problems like giving her back pain, future partners that really care for her will think her body is perfect and will like her boobs, and its not ok for men to treat women disrespectfully like that. We are getting therapy for both of them too.

Everyone's going to therapy! <-- how every AITA post should end

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