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Grown man 'tattles' to mom after his brother refuses to invite his son to cousin's party.

Grown man 'tattles' to mom after his brother refuses to invite his son to cousin's party.


Anyone who has siblings knows that they will always know how to get under your skin.

After discovering that his brother lied to him and purposfully left his son out of a weekend slumber party, one fully grown man did what anyone in his position would do: he told his mother. Now that the incident has spiraled, he asked Reddit:

AITA for telling my mom that my brother didn't invite my son over for a slumber party?

Large-Airline2300 writes:

I have a 10yo son 'Julian' who is pretty close with my nephew/his cousin ' Parker.' You can't separate them when they are together. I live two blocks away from my brother, his wife and Parker.

I asked my brother on Friday if Parker wanted Julian to spend the weekend at his house since it was a long weekend. My brother said they had already made plans. I asked what plans and maybe Parker would like to have Julius to tag along so he has a playmate. He said it was something for his wife.

On Saturday I found out that my brother lied. Parker actually had a slumber party. I found out because I saw them all walking to Dennys yesterday morning. I called my brother out and he said he didn't want my son to feel left out so he lied. He said it didn't feel 'right' to have an innocent 10yo around a bunch of 12yo boys because they'd 'eat him alive.'

I said that was bullsh*t and he needs to text Julius right now and ask if he'd like to join this weekend slumber party because he'll be crushed if he finds out that he was left out. He said no.

What's a brother to do?

So I ended up calling our mom who lives with my brother and explained the situation. That caused a lot of drama between her and my brother and my SIL. But my son got invited and declined because he is holding out to go to the aquarium.

My brother was livid and I said that if he had asked in the first place then none of this would have happen and there would be no drama.

Who's to say who's right and who's wrong here?

Oh, right, Reddit:

Walktothebrook writes:

YTA (you're the a-hole). There is a huge maturity difference between 10 and 12 so your brother’s decision to exclude Julian was reasonable. You were wildly out of line to call your mother and start drama.

personofpaper says:

YTA. You called your mom? Parker is his own person and is allowed to have a sleepover with friends and not invite his younger cousin. Does Julian not have friends of his own?

aniang queried:

Am I the only one who feels OP was looking for a free babysitter?

Valid point. No Reddit user was on OP's side on this one.

Hopefully this doesn't affect the relationship between the two boys and it stays between the brothers...and not their mother.

Sources: Reddit
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