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Mom blames brother for 'traumatizing' her kid with lewd anime: 'I heard a scream.'

Mom blames brother for 'traumatizing' her kid with lewd anime: 'I heard a scream.'


Imagine you're a kid. Your uncle tells you one thing, and then your mom tells you another. Who are you going to listen to?

When a sister lets her kid loose after being told not to, he finds something he wasn't meant to see. And who does she blame? Her brother, duh!

'AITA (Am I the a-hole) for telling my sister it’s her fault that her child is “traumatized”?'

u/Equal-Quiet-156 writes:

So me and my sister are close and she visits often, and often brings her four kids (12M, 7F, 4F, 2M). Her eldest loves comic books and my bf lets him read some of his collection. They aren't like vintage comic books, they are the big book versions you can get after a series of comics have been published and contains them all.

Well, one time they came over and my bf was out, her eldest asked if he could read some of the comics, and I said no since my bf isn’t here. He didn’t seem to care but my sister pushed and said they’re just comics, I again told her no.

Well, at one point I had to go out to grab something to make dinner for us. While I was gone, she told her son that I had changed my mind and that he can go read some of the comics.

Not cool, sis.

He went into the room and started reading, when I got back I asked where he was and she told me he was reading comics. I was annoyed and told her I said no. She said he was always careful, and I told her that didn’t matter and to go tell him to stop and come back down.

She huffed but I insisted, so she went upstairs to tell him. Soon after she went upstairs I heard a scream and rushed upstairs.

My bf does own a lot of comics but he arguably owns a lot more BL (boy's love) manga, the spicy kind. And instead of grabbing a comic, he had grabbed that, and was reading one of them.

Should have listened to OP.

My sister was screaming and grabbed it from him, asking why the hell did I own something like this when I knew kids are often in this environment. I reminded her that two adult men live here with no kids.

She said that it didn’t matter and insinuated that my bf had been letting her son read these kinds of things, which is not true.

And it gets worse.

She tore out some of the pages of the manga and told me she was leaving. I told her she would have to pay to replace the manga, but she refused and left.

She is now texting me that I need to apologize for traumatizing her child, I told her it is her fault and I told her no multiple times.

But now our mother has gotten involved and told me I should have explained when I said no that it was because my bf also owns comics not suitable for children and that I was being rude by dismissing her, so AITA (am I the a-hole)?

What do you think?

Here's what Reddit had to say...

personofpaper says:

NTA (Not the a-hole). A 12yo boy sneaking spicy manga should surprise literally no one.

OP responds:

My bf finds it kinda funny bc he was younger than that when he started reading them.

JsCTmav agrees:

NTA, and I would absolutely not back down an inch. Your mother is way out of line (undoubtedly because your sister lied to her about how things happened). BTW, you nephew isn't traumatized by the manga - if anything he's traumatized by his mother's f*cked up reaction to the problem she created.

ObvsDisposable comments:

NTA what the f*ck is she thinking? She told her kid to go do something you said no to. Y'all could've had a lot worse than porn hidden away in there. Like weaponry. Literally anything that happened in that room would be Her fault for letting Her kid go where he was told not to go.

OP replies:

Sometimes I forget how scary America is, I hate my country but god damn at least I dont have to worry about a child finding a weapon in my house (no hate to Americans, it's just a scary thought that's hard to really imagine as a Brit).

svgjen writes:

NTA. I own many of these too. Had a bit of a heart attack when my nephew was looking at my stuff one day but he didn’t pick one up. I can’t believe she ripped one. This is on her. Be careful. I’m scared she’s going to get your bf in trouble.

Timely_Egg_6827 is team OP all the way:

NTA - you set a boundary repeatedly that you could not provide access to someone else's property and she trampled all over it. I'm holding the child blameless because at 12, you tend to think if parent gives permission it is ok. You shouldn't have to give any reason beyond no, they are not mine.

It is not rude to protect someone's private property. It is rude as a guest to assume that you can do what you like in someone else's house. And then your sister started reaching for the stars in her assumptions, trying to make your BF into someone who was showing her child 'spicy stuff'. I really wouldn't let her back in after those accusations and the property damage.

OP agrees:

Honestly the insinuations she made about my bf is what pissed me off the most.

Looks like OP is in no way, shape, or form the A-hole.

After this was quickly determined, the Reddit thread turned into a lengthy discussion of the best BL manga, because, of course it did.

Sources: Reddit
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