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Aunt wants to 'rescue' collectors dolls from 7 yo step-niece. AITA?

Aunt wants to 'rescue' collectors dolls from 7 yo step-niece. AITA?


When this woman is annoyed that her stepniece has collectors items, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for trying to rescue collectors dolls from my niece?"

So I (f22) went to my brother's house and met his stepdaughter (now my neice age 7). Her toys I noticed are mostly secondhand, old barbies and stuff.

While I was playing with her I noticed she has a lot of g1 Monster High dolls with most of their stuff. I was shocked because 1. these are hard to find where I live and 2. they are rare because they don't make g1 dolls anymore.

Like I said these dolls are rare and some of them are my grails (my most searched for) like Rochelle Goyle. When I went through them there are about 8 decent G1 dolls aside from messed up hair and some missing accessories.

These dolls are really hard to find. I asked my brother if my neice plays with them and he said she goes through cycles. I asked if I could have them or even paid for them and he seemed almost okay with it, but his girlfriend (the neices mom) came in and said no.

I said I would pay for them and explained how rare they are and how I can restore them and actually appreciate them but she still said no.

Its really bothering me because my brother and the stepdaughter both seem not to care about the dolls much but the mom/girlfriend is the one saying no even though theyre the kids dolls.

Its really bothering me becuse a kid that age cant appreciate what she has and will cause these collectors dolls to worsen in condition. I even texted my brother later and offered to buy a brand new g3 doll for her but he said no.

We texted a bit and he finally told me to drop it and wont reply anymore. I tried asking our mom to talk to him but she wont get involved.

AITA for trying to rescue these rare dolls worth possibly hundreds of dollars? I offered to pay for them or make a fair trade.

Let's see what readers thought.

pendragontjt writes:

NTA., but I think there could be a better way to do this. Maybe offer to replace them with other dolls that are to your niece's taste. Or other toys that she might like better. Is there something she really wants? Offer a trade.

peacestate1 writes:

YTA. The mom said no, and you're still pushing. They're kids dolls that are owned by a kid and being used by a kid. Its great that you're a collector but the mom has final say on whether these dolls get sold and she's said no. Drop it and move on. Trying to get your mom involved (?!) with a decision that has nothing to do with her is ridiculous.

thirstycharm writes:

NAH. You asked, you reasonably got told "no." End of discussion. Kids aren't required to love something the most in order to not have it taken away. Dial back your entitlement here.

What is YOUR take on the situation? Is OP TA?

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