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Woman leaves baby shower after MIL's horrible comments; is called 'drama queen.'

Woman leaves baby shower after MIL's horrible comments; is called 'drama queen.'


Buckle up, because this story is wild. When this mom to be leaves her baby shower in hysterics, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for leaving my baby shower early and 'causing a scene'?'

Oh, and after OP reads some of the comments to her husband, she updates the post, and it gets crazier.

toasterinthebathtub writes:

My (32F) husband of 7 years (32M) and I are pregnant. We have one previous child, Anne (6F, fake name) who has epilepsy. She has had 1 seizure before (relevant later in the story).

To be honest, my MIL is horrible. She gives backhanded compliments, insults me and my looks and always tries to set my husband up with other people.

The last time we went to her place she said she could make my husband a tinder account, or set him up with some girl who is the daughter of MILs best friend. My husband has told her to stop, but doesn't do anything else. News flash, she doesn't stop.

When sending invites to my baby shower, I told my husband I didn't want my MIL there. He told me, 'since you're not letting my own mother be in the room with you when you're giving birth, you have to invite her to this. You should be grateful that you get a baby shower at all'.

Also, he wouldn't even be at the baby shower, as he has something at work.

At the baby shower, I was telling everyone how our baby was once again a girl. My MIL then decided to say, 'Wow another girl! Let's hope she's not like her sister'.

I asked what she meant by that and she said, 'we don't need any other diseases in the family. Imagine seeing a new-born baby drop to the floor and shake everywhere. It's embarrassing'.

At first I was honestly confused as she clearly had 0 idea what she was talking about. But then the pregnancy hormones really kicked in and I started crying hysterically. I left my friends house and my mother drove me home.

Once I got home I saw my husband there. I didn't know why he was home and not at work but I just didn't stop crying. He said, 'where are all the gifts? You do realise how expensive some baby things can be'. I honestly couldn't believe he said that of all things so I decided to lock myself in our bedroom.

About 10 mins later he tells me he got a text from his mother explaining what happened. He told me that I 'caused a scene' and 'should be happy I got to meet up with some friends today'.

I tried explaining how wrong what she said was and how she insulted our daughter and UNBORN baby.

He said 'well Anne's epilepsy medication isn't cheap so I see why she said what she said. You just interpreted it wrong. Apologise to my mother.' I packed a bag and called my mother to pick me up. I'm currently at her place and she's picking Anne up from school.

My husband and his family keep blowing up my phone and calling me a 'drama queen' along with other hateful names so I need to ask, AITA?

Let's find out. Plus, you're going to want to read OP's updates.

fickleenergy85 writes:

Omg babeeeeeeee you are NTA! Keep those TOXIC PEOPLE away from your precious babies. Hasnt your husband ever realized he should leave his father and mother to be joined to HIS WIFE?

His mom is horrible and you deserve SO much better. Including your 6 year old, I pray God brings her and you healing. I cannot believe them.

DISGUSTING, they are both complete AH. Especially your hubby. Im sick to my tummy knowing you live like this smh you deserve so much better

jess1804 writes:

Also his demand that OP apologises to his mother. Not that his mother apologise to his wife. The fact she came home in TEARS and he didn't ask if she was OK. The fact that he isn't remotely ashamed of his mother.

He is actually defending her. Go back when he's not there and pick up you and your daughter's important paperwork and your daughter's stuff and then go stay with your mother for at least the rest of your pregnancy.

And get the hospital to make sure his mommy isn't allowed in. If you were planning on having him there make him give you his phone. That way he can't take pictures or video of you giving birth for his mommy or texting her/taking her calls.

You could say you want his phone so he won't have any distractions from supporting you.

Do NOT leave your elder daughter alone with your mother in law if the stuff she said at the baby shower was stuff she was not only prepared to say in front of you, in public, at a family gathering imagine what she says in private or what she says to your daughter alone.

AND THEN, OP UPDATES THE POST to reveal a horrible secret...

I sat him down and started reading. “You’re MIL is horrible” “Divorce this man” “Anne doesn’t deserve this” etc.

I explained to him that I wanted a divorce. We were in a public cafe so I knew there was no way he’d physically hurt me. This was how the conversation went after I said I wanted a divorce: Husband: “So just because a few strangers on the internet told you to do something, you’re going to do it?” Me: “it’s not ‘a few’, it’s thousands.”

Husband: “It doesn’t matter who it is, you don’t even know them” Me: “Well you don’t know the chefs in restaurants yet you trust them to cook your food” Husband: “Shut the f**k up”

Me: “it’s not my fault all you do is run to mommy and choose her over your daughter” Husband: “I don’t give a f**k about you or your opinion you f**king bi**h” Me: “ha ok”

After that he stormed out of the cafe.I think y’all would be glad to know that I emptied our joint bank accounts and took any valuables.

Y’all might think “oh that’s a happy ending to the story” but there’s way more. So my FIL contacted me (which is weird we only talk at family gatherings and what not) and told me he apologises on behalf of his wife’s actions.

He told me that she never liked me because I “stole him away” from someone called Melissa?Apparently my husband and her were together during college but she cheated on him.

MIL however still loved her like a daughter. Turns out, all these years we’ve been together he’s been cheating on me with Melissa.

MIL knew. FIL knew. Everyone knew. It explains a lot, like why he wasn’t at work that day. What actually happened was Melissa came over to our house and they had sex IN MY OWN BED. I was disgusted hearing it.

I’m not sure how but she must’ve left before I came home. So basically Melissa told MIL and MIL told FIL. FIL said he regretted not telling me sooner and kept apologising over and over again. I was shocked and started crying. I thanked him for telling me and said I just needed some space.

However he also told me that MIL was telling a different story to what happened on that day (none of my soon to be ex husbands family was there so they didn’t know what happened) and that’s why everyone was telling ME to apologise to MIL.

MIL told them that I started yelling at her for “wearing a better dress than me on my special day” and I “threw drinks and food on her”. (She made a mess of her dress previously so I’m guessing that’s what she used as ‘evidence’ lol).

FIL said, “the woman really loves herself. In a couple of days I can guarantee you we’ll have another picture of herself hanging in our living room”. I laughed and said goodbye. I’ve also gotten a lawyer to sort out some divorce stuff.

I’ll give y’all another update soon.

WOW, well, looks like OP is in a bad situation. Do you have any advice for her?

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