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Bride kicks out FIL and ruins his 'rude wife's' dress at heated wedding reception.

Bride kicks out FIL and ruins his 'rude wife's' dress at heated wedding reception.


When this bride makes a scene at her own wedding, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for ruining my FIL’s wife’s dress?'

Hey, I (25F) ruined my FIL’s wife’s dress and kicked them out of my wedding. Let me explain why:

My fiancé’s parents are divorced. My FIL is a weird guy who goes from “super good dad” to “super terrible dad” in a split second. He has not made any remarks about me or my family, so originally, I didn’t care.

He can be there if he wants to, and my MIL doesn’t really care either (although we’d have to get them seats that are far away from each other). He asked if he could bring his wife and we said yes. OTOH, I love my MIL. She’s very kind and loving person. I definitely want her in my wedding.

On the wedding day (last week), everything went well. The religious ceremony went exactly like what I wanted it to be. It was perfect. Then, there came the reception, and this was when it got bad.

I got changed into my reception dress. I loved the look, it was perfect. It showed a little bit of my back and some cl&&Vage. My husband was happy with the dress, because he said I looked stunning.

When it was time for us to mingle with the guests*, my husband and I went to my FIL and his wife. His wife asked if I was not ashamed. I was confused about what she meant.

She then made a joke about how I “have no curves” and “showing nothing”. I got pretty offended, and I asked her what she meant. She replied: “well, at least if you want to show skin, you should show us something, not just a cutting board” (it’s a way of saying that I’m flat).

My FIL laughed at the joke and told my husband that he “shouldn’t be jealous if men look at my ch$st because I am basically showing them nothing”.

I got really angry and didn’t realize what I was doing. Well, I took my wine glass and threw all the contents on my FIL’s head and dress. I told them to leave the reception ASAP. My FIL was pissed and told my husband to “control me, I’m his wife”, which he responded with, “you should’ve controlled yours.”

They left the building, and my husband received a long text message from my FIL about how he made a mistake by marrying a person like me who doesn’t respect elders. His wife also posted a status on Facebook about how she was humiliated by me on my wedding. Now I’m questioning if I went too far. AITA?

Let's see what readers had to say on this one.

parsimonoiussalad writes:

NTA. Who has the utter lack of basic courtesy to insult the bride at her wedding? WTH? Technically I think throwing wine on them falls under the MOH duties, but sounds like she wasn't handy.

I'm a little concerned about the 'controlling your wives' comments - make sure your husband is just as insulted by his father as the wife. He laughed and repeated the insult just in case your husband didn't get it the first time. Apparently he values women by their br^%t size.

akaeana writes:

ESH. I celebrate your husband's response and I totally agree with you kicking them out. No question the ILs are massive AH for treating you that way.

You would be completely in the right of you hadn't thrown the wine. In my country you could be charged with assault and property damage for this. And I'm sorry while I do understand your reaction it is not ok you went to far.

blessedstorm writes:

Almost Y T A, how dare you waste wine at a wedding...however, I guess this was worthwhile enough to not be considered a waste.

NTA. I hope you can make this a memory to be fond of because your husband's quip was hilarious and on point. The wine toss was deserved. Don't let this be a dark blotch on your wedding day. Try to think about it and laugh! Congratulations on your new marriage and on marrying a clever one who has your back.

So, is OP TA here, or did FIL's wife deserve it? What would you have done?

Sources: Reddit
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